So Much MORE Than Just a Call Center…

At Parker Technology, we are so much more than just your average call center. With our parking domain expertise, flexible software platform, and professional customer service center, we are driving a better parking experience one customer at a time.

Other (cheaper) call centers often only offer the basics. They provide the standard intercom and inbound call management. But at Parker, we go above and beyond to provide more value and better experiences for our customers.

We Do More Than Just Answer Calls

The Parker solution combines the ingenuity of a flexible software platform with professional customer service for more efficient call resolution. And better call resolution means happier customers—and happier customers means more traffic and revenue.

But what exactly sets us apart?

1. Metrics

With our platform, you get full access to data. Our software provides daily/weekly/monthly reporting metrics, including real-time call performance data and call recordings. This allows you to improve efficiencies in your parking facilities and enhance the customer experience.

2. Troubleshooting

Each and every one of our calls are handled personally. And not just that, but our customer service representatives are trained and dedicated to providing personalized solutions. With us, troubleshooting is not just a script; it involves critical thinking to meet the unique needs of each situation and customer.

This means no more customers getting frustrated by “robotic” rehearsed responses that don’t actually help. Our team is available 24/7 to provide personal and friendly troubleshooting to help customers pay and get on their way in under a minute.

3. CSRs Alert When Issues Arise

We know you can’t be at your facility 24/7, and unfortunately, it’s challenging to find staff to cover every day as well. Our customer service representatives fill in those gaps. If there is a safety issue in your garage, or if the equipment is malfunctioning, our CSRs are available to take the call and contact you so that everyone stays safe and your facility can continue running smoothly.

4. Translation

Do you have customers that don’t speak English? We’ve got you covered!

With our Translation feature, our CSRs can translate their instructions into ten different languages. Our software then communicates the instructions back to the customer in their native language via audio to resolve their issue quickly. We also have the ability to provide two-way video so the customer can see the CSR with the script translated at the bottom of the screen for them to read.

5. Text-to-Pay

Today’s customers love when they can easily and conveniently use their phones to complete transactions. We are living in a digital age; thus, we provide digital solutions.

Our Text-To-Pay feature allows customers to pay for their parking stay using their mobile phones. And if they already have the PayPal app on their phone, the transaction is even faster—only around 10 seconds to complete!

So instead of giving out too much personal information, customers can simply provide their phone numbers to CSRs for a quick and easy transaction. That saves your staff the headache of following up to collect payment.

6. Mobile Suite

Our entire platform is also available in the palm of your hand. With our Mobile Queue feature, for example, your staff can answer calls right from their cell phone. This works as a safety net for operators that might not be able to handle calls 24/7. You can budget and take a load off call volume without having to lose the scalability of our software platform.

We also offer Mobile Endpoint, which enables customers to use their phones to contact CSRs. If no intercom is available in the garage, customers can connect with a CSR by easily scanning a QR code on their cell phones. They can even connect with a two-way video on their phone for a personal touch.

The Parker Solution

At Parker Technology, we believe that digital automation and superior customer service are the keys to a satisfactory parking experience—and we deliver just that. Our solution puts virtual ambassadors in every lane and puts our flexible software at your fingertips with a range of beneficial features.

Contact us today for more information on how our solution can fit your needs!