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Podcast EP 11 Rewind: Lone Star State of Parking Confusion

“Harder Than It Looks: Parking Uncovered” is our podcast that we use to facilitate connections and illuminate solutions to common problems within the parking and mobility industry. Today, we’re rewinding and recapping Episode 11: Bridging the Lone Star State of Confusion in Parking Operations with Walt Gray & Celeste Ching.

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Management 101: Finding & Keeping Talent

In the dynamic world of business, effective management is a key component of success, and this holds true even in seemingly unconventional sectors like parking management.

In a recent episode of “Harder Than It Looks: Parking Uncovered,” Brian sat down with Lynda Black, a call center manager based in Indianapolis. The focus of their discussion? The common challenge of finding and retaining top-tier talent, particularly on the frontline.

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