Driving a Better Parking Experience

There's a better way to manage intercom and inbound customer service calls.

We combine parking domain expertise, a flexible software platform and our professional customer service center, or your staff, to ensure customer problems are resolved efficiently, according to your facility's business rules.

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Must Be Easy? Think Again!

When people assume managing parking is a breeze, you know the truth - it's anything but! From juggling sales and marketing to handling maintenance and staffing, the challenges are endless.

But fear not, Parker Technology has your back, tackling over 3 million parking problems a year. Whether you prefer DIY or full support, we've got you covered, from revenue collection to customer service and everything in between. Say goodbye to parking headaches and hello to a smoother, stress-free experience with Parker Technology!


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The vast majority of “help” calls are due to confusion, not automation failure. At Parker Technology, we provide the software platform and friendly interaction your customers need to clear up confusion and be on their way. On average, we answer calls in 11 seconds and resolve issues in under a minute.
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