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Changing the face of parking.

Parking is changing. Technological advances have made it easier than ever to find, book and pay for parking. In fact, there’s evidence that parking is evolving so quickly, we, as humans are struggling to keep up. How do we know that? Our experience and data suggest that 85 million times a year, a parking customer presses a “help” button in a parking facility in the US. We now also know from our own call data that 90% of the time, the customer is confused or is having an issue that has nothing to do with a faulty parking machine, rather it is human error. In this instance, the only thing that can save the customer experience is another human being, which is where we come in. We cater to hundreds of clients spanning the following industries, each with unique challenges. That is the versatility of our solution, that we’re able to adjust based on the needs and expectations of our customers, tailoring the experience by understanding the varying parking contexts.

Industries We Serve

Higher Education

Universities and colleges have numerous unique challenges related to parking, including a diverse clientele with a wide variety of permissions to park. Taking intercom calls usually falls to someone who already has too much to do. That’s where we can be helpful. Our software platform captures all the complex business rules surrounding permits and permissions, enabling our CSRs to quickly help their customers experiencing an issue and deliver it with a high level of customer service, freeing campus parking staff to focus on higher priority tasks.


Municipal parking represents unique challenges because they know that parking is not their constituents’ destination, it is the means to the end of working or visiting. Delivering a high level of customer service while maximizing revenue through parking fees is the goal, and we can help. Our CSRs can help customers that press the “help” button quickly complete their transaction and be on their way.

Private Operator

Private operators are important caretakers of parking assets not always owned by them. Therefore, they have an added burden of managing the facility and being accountable for collecting as much revenue as they can for the facility owner, managing the facility efficiently and delivering an excellent customer experience, all while keeping costs down. Parker’s solution is well suited to help with the mission to maximize revenue, reduce costs and help operators report the result to owners.


Healthcare facilities have the special mission to make the parking experience easy and welcoming for patients and visitors alike. Patient survey scores can make or break a hospital’s reimbursement, and parking is the first and last touch during that experience. With our ability to deliver a high level of service from virtual ambassadors dedicated to answering parking “help” calls, we can contribute to a positive experience and expedient interactions, so your patients, guests and staff get to where they need to be quickly.


The customer experience is vital to success in the hospitality industry. Thus, we understand the importance of delivering positive guest interactions at all levels, and specifically parking, as it is the first and last touch. Our solution does just that – creates a personal connection between your parking customers and our virtual ambassadors.


Commercial real estate properties strive to provide convenient and easy parking for their tenants and guests, to constitute repeat customers and a positive experience. This is where the Parker solution aptly fits, by efficiently resolving issues when they occur, to keep traffic flowing and preserve the relationship with various constituents.


Time is of the essence at airports, as travelers need to quickly and easily park, whether at the beginning, to catch their flights, or end of the travel experience. This is where we can help – quickly answering calls at payment machines and just as efficiently resolving issues to allow travelers to pay and get on their way.