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Higher Education

IUPUI Case Study

Universities and colleges have numerous unique challenges related to parking, including a diverse clientele with a wide variety of permissions to park and robust event schedules. Taking intercom calls usually falls to someone who already has too much to do. That’s where we can be helpful.

Our software platform captures all the complex business rules surrounding permits and permissions, enabling our CSRs to quickly help their customers experiencing an issue and deliver it with a high level of customer service, freeing campus parking staff to focus on higher priority tasks.

Penn State’s Story

Penn State revolutionized their operations with our hybrid solution. Our flexible software allows them to deliver an excellent parking guest experience, 24/7.

“Mixing Parker Technology’s dependable platform, authentic concern and stellar customer service, has provided Penn State a recipe for on-campus success through all our operational changes over the last couple years.”

– Rob DeMayo, Director of Parking & Transportation at Penn State University

Case Studies

University of Houston
Penn State University

Our Clients

We have a growing list of university clients. We look forward to adding you to this list.

According to data from our platform, in 2022 we took 1,952 calls per higher education facility on average. That’s 163 calls per month, per facility. On the high end, the most calls from one higher education campus in 2022 was 62,720 for the year, which is an average of 435 calls per month.