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Private Operator

Riverside Parking Case Study

Private operators are important caretakers of parking assets not always owned by them. They carry the burden of managing the facility efficiently, being accountable for collecting as much revenue as they can for the facility owner, and delivering an excellent customer experience, all while keeping costs down.

Parker Technology’s solution is well suited to help with the mission to maximize revenue, reduce costs and help operators report tangible results to owners.

The Park-Rite Story

Park-Rite’s Managing Partner, Nick Aubrey, describes how Parker Technology’s solution helped Park-Rite upgrade their level of customer service, get rid of staffing issues, and get out of the call center business.

Case Studies

Diamond Parking
Riverside Parking Case Study
Riverside Parking

“Parker Technology’s platform for tracking intercom calls and customer issues is intuitive, convenient, and searchable. Having a reliable and responsive intercom service 24 hours a day is great for both our customers and our operations team.”

 – Greg Harrison, Regional Manager of Diamond Parking

Our Clients

We have a growing list of private operator clients. We look forward to adding you to this list.

According to data from our platform, in 2022 we took 2,322 calls per private operator facility on average. That’s 194 calls per month, per facility. On the high end, the most calls from one municipality facility in 2022 was 181,755 for the year, which is an average of 15,146 calls per month.