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The customer experience is vital to success in the hospitality industry. Thus, we understand the importance of delivering positive guest interactions at all levels, and specifically parking, as it is the first and last touch. Our solution does just that – creates a personal connection between your parking customers and our virtual ambassadors.

With a priority to enhance each guest’s stay, Parker Technology works to provide a seamless entry and exit process. With the help of our solution, visitors receive quick and empathetic responses to ensure a great experience, reflecting your facility’s commitment to quality accommodation.

Client Experience: Radisson Plaza Hotel

Radisson Plaza Hotel Guest Experience Manager, Katie Hallup, shares her experience with our team, and the impact our solution has made on customer experience, staffing strategy, and revenue collection.

Parker Technology has paid for itself many times over simply in terms of collecting revenue at the parking gate. They do everything possible to collect revenue, while also balancing the customer service and guest experience aspect. And even beyond just collecting revenue, our front desk team no longer has to spend valuable time answering these parking garage calls. They have more time to focus on the guests in front of them and completing their front desk tasks. The return on investment is unparalleled.

Katie Hallup, Radisson Plaza Hotel Guest Experience Manager

Our Clients

We have a growing list of hospitality clients. We look forward to adding you to this list.