Podcast EP 14 Rewind: Hard Truths of Parking Innovation and the Power of Customer Voices

“Harder Than It Looks: Parking Uncovered is our podcast that we use to facilitate connections and illuminate solutions to common problems within the parking and mobility industry.

We aim to do so by highlighting the voices of experts in the space, discussing trends and forward-looking technological innovations, and providing professional food for thought. All in an effort to help one another get better at what we know is harder than it looks…parking a car.

Today, we’re rewinding and recapping Episode 14: Hard Truths of Parking Innovation with Roamy Valera and the Power of Customer Voices & Data with Amy Brown.

In segment one, Brian Wolff interviews Roamy Valera, President of Automotus, who shares insights on curb management, the gig economy, and the need for equity in parking policies. We also dive into his immigration from Cuba and how he balances work and family life. 

In segment two, we talk tech with Authenticx CEO, Amy Brown, who has been working in the AI space since 2017 and is an expert when it comes to this innovative technology. 

Meet Our Guests:

Roamy Valera

President of Automotus

Roamy Valera, CAPP, is president of Automotus, a leading curb-management and climate-tech company helping cities reduce congestion, safety hazards, and emissions while also enabling the monetization of increased commercial vehicle traffic at the curb. 

A C-Suite internationally respected leader with more than 34 years of industry experience including 11 years as a public administrator. A results-oriented leader with a proven success and track record in developing market segments in the technology, parking, mobility and transportation industry.

Amy Brown

Founder & CEO of Authenticx

Amy Brown is the founder and CEO of Authenticx – the conversational intelligence platform that analyzes and activates customers’ voices at scale to reveal transformational opportunities in healthcare. 

Amy built her career as a rising executive in the healthcare industry, during which time she advocated for underserved populations, led and mobilized teams to expand healthcare coverage to thousands of Indiana residents, and learned the nuance of corporate operations. 

In 2018, Amy decided to leverage her decades of industry experience to tackle healthcare through technology. She founded Authenticx with the mission to bring the authentic voice of the customer into the boardroom and increase positive healthcare outcomes.

You Won’t Want to Miss These Clips:

Segment 1 with Roamy Valera from Automotus

  • Roamy’s Parking Journey (02:07)
  • Evolution of Parking Technology (05:52)
  • Challenges in Policy Changes (15:22)
  • Automotus Curb Management Solution (18:05)
  • The Equity of Parking Tickets (20:39)
  • The Challenge of Physical Parking Fines (21:39)
  • Innovative Parking Solutions in Smaller Towns (23:27) 
  • Transition to a Scale-Up Company (32:36)
  • Privacy Concerns and Camera-Based Solutions (28:46)
  • Personal Hardship and Family Separation (39:10)
  • Challenges in Policy Changes (40:16)
  • The Need for Faster Go-to-Market Time Frame (41:17)
  • The Adoption Curve (41:42)
  • Procurement Process in the Govtech Space (42:54)
  • Coaching Tree and Leadership Style (46:42)

Segment 2 with Amy Brown:

  • Authenticx Growth and Customer Impact (53:29)
  • Bringing Customer Voices to the Boardroom (55:20)
  • Challenges in Marketing AI Technology in Healthcare (58:58)
  • The Hardest Part of Building and Scaling a Company (01:01:51)
  • The CEO’s Journey (01:03:55) 
  • Building a Mission-Based Culture (01:05:23)
  • Navigating Business Challenges (01:07:12)
  • Summiting Mount Shasta (01:10:44)
  • Parenting and Balancing Work (01:19:45)
  • Reflections on Overcoming Hardships (01:25:22)
  • Adversity and Success (01:26:47)
  • Gratitude and Recognition (01:28:20)

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