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Mobile Endpoint

Help your customers anywhere.

Mobile Endpoint

You can’t always have someone onsite at your surface parking lots, and if you don’t have PARCS equipment or gates, there may not be a direct way for your parking guests to call for help if they need it. That’s where we come in.

Introducing one of our newest platform features: Mobile Endpoint. Mobile Endpoint gives your customers access to help where there isn’t an intercom. A simple QR code at your lot gives your customers the power of Parker in the palm of their hand.

Mobile Endpoint allows your customers to conveniently connect with a customer service rep on their cell phone, via a browser, with two-way video for an added personal touch.

PLUS, our customer service reps:

  • Know your lot and business rules
  • Can facilitate payment
  • Troubleshoot issues quickly & effectively

Mobile Endpoint provides these benefits all while protecting your revenue and enhancing the customer experience.

A QR code can be posted wherever needed and a customer can scan it to initiate a help call.

You don’t need electricity, gates, internet, intercoms, hardware or people.

Mobile Endpoint gives you the flexibility to help your customers, even if your lots aren’t staffed 24/7.