Why Every Customer Experience is Important

The customer experience is top-of-mind in the parking industry, but why does it matter so much? Read on for why you should strive to dazzle your customers, every single time.

Customers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience.

Consider the last time you had a negative interaction with a brand. Have you been back since? We didn’t think so.

One-third of customers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience, according to a PwC study. After two or three bad experiences, 92 percent will abandon a brand entirely, per the same study.

Without a consistently excellent customer experience, repeat business and brand reputation are at risk.

Social media and public reviews can amplify a negative experience.

When you last chose a place to eat, a plumber, or even a dentist, it’s more than likely that you read online reviews before making a decision.

Chances are, your customers are doing the same before they chose a parking facility. When they’re deciding between your facility or the one across a street, your online reviews are a factor.

Even just one negative customer experience can turn into a bad review, which turns away new business. Delivering an excellent customer experience every time eliminates the risk of a bad review.

One bad experience causes a ripple effect.

Imagine a customer in the exit lane has a problem with her credit card. The machine isn’t reading her card. She pushes the call button for help, but it just rings and rings. Nobody picks up. Or, the call is picked up, and an attendant is dispatched, but it takes 10 minutes for him to get to the lane.

Traffic begins to pile up behind her. Not only is she waiting for help, but all the customers in the lane behind her are stuck, frustrated, and angry.

Not only did the initial customer have a negative experience, but all the customers behind her did, too.

Now, the facility’s reputation is at risk. The repeat business of those customers may be lost, and/or negative reviews may be posted online.

How do I improve my customer experience?

Learn how to improve your customer experience with smart parking sensors, improved signage and wayfinding, on-demand customer service, touchless entry and exit, and mobile applications.

Learn how call center services and parking management software can help you manage inbound intercom and customer service calls, for an improved customer experience.