We Help Solve Your Problems

You’re sitting in your car, fingers rapping on the steering wheel and frustration mounting as you stare helplessly at the unmoving gate in front of you. You push the assistance button on the parking device, only to be greeted by silence. How do you get out of this parking garage when the machine isn’t reading your credit card properly and no one is there to help?

Ah, but there is!

Parker Technology is there when no one else is, to help customers avoid moments like this. We are the leading authority on all things parking customer experience. From our accessible software platform to our amicable customer service representatives, Parker Technology will drive away your parking problems, one customer at a time. Curious how? Read on to find out how we can help you!

Customers exiting without paying? We have a solution.

All too often, customers will leave a parking garage without paying, enjoying the ineptitude of an employee who’d rather allow a person to pass freely rather than answer a question. Don’t let your money drive off! In addition to a variety of ways to help people pay (walking them through how to insert a credit card properly, having them switch lanes, asking them to insert the validation first, etc.) we have a new, innovative solution to this problem: text-to-pay.

There is no need for customers to roll down the window and insert a credit card. They simply click on the PayPal link sent by our customer service representative, and they can quickly and conveniently pay for their parking garage fee. Our links are your links to quality service.

Owners and operators enjoy perks as well. With the cloud-based functionality of our software, we are able to provide real-time data to our clients, which will help them track entry and exit issues, inadvertent customer calls, invalid permits or tickets or payment issues.

Don’t lose money on customers who don’t pay. Let us help solve your lost-revenue problems today.

Broken gates? Occurrences significantly diminish with us.

Smoke rises from the damaged vehicle as the gate heaves its last sigh. Shouts of consternation plume out with the billowing smoke, greeted by a still-silent parking machine.

The cost of this situation: thousands. Don’t fall victim to angry “gate-crashers” who break your gates and your wallet. At Parker Technology, our highly-trained customer service representatives remedy almost all customer issues in under a minute, diffusing any animosity instantly. We have unparalleled punctuality when it comes to answering calls and preventing gate vandalism. It’s our job and we do it exceptionally well in over 1,200 lanes!

Are your customers hitting the HELP button and not getting a response? We’re there when you can’t be.

Your company is growing fast, so you have to reposition your parking staff elsewhere.

Smart thinking, but now customers are pushing the help button, and no one is there.

What’s your next move? Answer: Parker Technology.

Let Parker Technology become your new virtual customer service team. We have a two-way video platform, which allows your customers to personally interact with our skilled representatives. This humanizing method of customer service resolves problems quickly and accurately, so your customers aren’t left feeling helpless while pushing a help button.

Not only that, but our service team is available 24/7, which means when your company is off the clock, someone else is still punched in and ready to work. In this way, we are an extension of your company, so much so that you control the business reigns. We train our staff to follow your company policies so that all intercom interactions are a reflection of your business protocols.

These are the problems we help solve at Parker Technology. Streamline your business initiatives today with our exclusive customer service approach.

Struggling to provide quick and courteous service? We’re here to help.

It’s one thing to provide around-the-clock assistance, but it’s another thing entirely for that service to be fast. Well, you are in the luck! At Parker Technology, we believe in constant service that is also expedient.

Just ask the city of Bloomington, Indiana. It has recently installed Parker Technology in many of its parking garages and is happy to report high customer satisfaction. Our customer service team in Bloomington answered over 60,000 in one month and patrons received that assistance on average within 11 seconds. Now that’s what we call quick service!

We are also quick to be friendly to our patrons. With our two-way video functionality, customers interact with a real person, with a real smile and a real desire to help. We even receive weekly thank-you notes from our customers.

Many of these notes are from guests who are unable to speak English, but who still received help because of Parker Technology’s innovative translation service. Customer-service representatives are trained to switch to any of the 10 languages at their disposal to help facilitate communication between themselves and customers. Both customer and representative will use these audio translations, but the patron has the added benefit of seeing the translation visually. A translated script will appear on the two-way video screen, so customers have a secondary avenue to understand the exchange.

This translation service was born out of a desire to offer courteous service to all patrons; it’s what sets us apart from our competitors.

Let’s face it, we’re problem solvers! How can we help you?

Are you facing the problems of lost revenue, broken gates, helpless help buttons and customer dissatisfaction? If so, Parker Technology has the solution for you! Reach out today for a free estimate or sign-up using our new-client fact sheet. We are driving a better parking experience because we are truly here to help.