We’re Flexible! Learn More About Your Options

At Parker Technology, our solution provides you with flexible options that enable you to improve your level of service and boost revenue on your terms. No two companies are alike—we understand that your needs are as diverse as your customers, so we’ve created a parking solution that can adapt to your needs. 

Flexible Solution

Being available to answer help calls from customers is one of the most critical aspects of providing top-level parking facility service. However, we understand that not all companies can afford to staff their own call center. On the other hand, we also know that some companies only need occasional call center assistance. That’s why we’ve created our technology with flexible service options. Whether you need a full-service call center solution, a SaaS platform to boost your call center operations, or something in between, Parker Technology can help.

24/7 Call Center Service

24/7 Call Center Service

Our full-service, 24/7 call center solution is our most popular option. If you don’t have a call center of your own and want Parker to handle everything for you, this is the solution for you. Our technology works seamlessly with any PARCS equipment, outsourcing all intercom and inbound service calls to our call center. 

Our Customer Service Representatives are available 24/7 at the push of a button with live audio and video assistance. Our goal is to answer each call, providing fast, efficient, and friendly solutions to improve the customer experience and get them on their way as quickly as possible. We are also dedicated to providing service based on your individual facility’s brand identity and business rules—we do it the way you want us to. Furthermore, our solution enables you to track all metrics using our platform, so your facility managers can easily stay on top of important data and gain valuable insight for improving operational efficiencies and enhancing your customer experience. Without the burden of training call center staff or handling calls themselves, your managers can focus on other, more important tasks.

Hybrid (Part-Time) Call Center Service

Hybrid Call Center Service

Our hybrid call center solution is for companies that already have staff dedicated to answering help calls during regular business hours, but need assistance on the weekends or other times. This solution provides the same level of service as our 24/7 option, but just part-time. 

With hybrid call center service, as an example, your staff can take calls 9–5 Monday through Friday, and Parker can take nights and weekends. This option allows you to keep your facility running and collect revenue during non-peak hours without having to staff employees overnight or on the weekends. You’ll also still have access to all call data and metrics in the Parker system.

Call Center Software 

Call Center Software

Our flexible call center software provides your customer service representatives with a dashboard and facility information for efficient call resolution. This option is ideal for larger organizations that already have dedicated staff answering calls 24/7, who simply want to license out our software to improve their operations.

With our software program, you get many of the same benefits as our other solutions, such as our proprietary two-way video system; only everything is handled by your staff. This enables you to keep everything you do within the same system—i.e., metrics and reporting, photos, calls, notes, etc.

A Flexible Solution to Suit Your Needs

At Parker Technology, we believe in empowering companies to handle parking services on their terms. With our flexible solution, you can ensure you continue delivering quality service to customers, while still turning a profit, without necessarily having to staff a call center 24/7. And the best part? You can easily switch between one of our three options seamlessly if your needs change. It’s just a matter of adjusting the hours our customer service representatives take your calls.

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