Maximizing Customer Satisfaction: QA’s Impact Part 2

Customer satisfaction isn’t just a goal; it’s the lifeblood of your parking facility’s success. When parkers have negative experiences, they don’t just seek alternative parking options – they voice their discontent on platforms like Google or Yelp, influencing potential customers and impacting your business’s online presence.

Customer satisfaction is integral in protecting your business’s revenue,  the correct (QA) protocols will help you ensure you are delivering the utmost customer service.

Quality Reviews

The most effective way to turn a problem into a positive experience is to have efficient, professional help at your customer’s fingertips.  The reviews you will receive from support that resolved a problematic situation shine brighter than the standard “They are great people”. 

This understanding of the pivotal role customer satisfaction plays in maximizing revenue makes us view our QA program differently than many. We have integrated robust quality assurance (QA) tools and protocols into our operations to ensure unparalleled customer service.

In this blog post, we discuss how our QA protocols empower our team to enhance customer satisfaction and overcome challenges.

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Call Reviews and Automation

We have always prioritized delivering the best service possible, and we accomplish this through regular quality assurance reviews.

When we first started, our supervisors watched around 20 calls per week, but as our client base grew, we began serving more parking customers. Now, our CSRs handle 160,000+ calls per month. That’s a lot to review!

Fortunately, we’ve partnered with the AI company Authenticx to review thousands of calls per month. With Authenticx and our QA team, we can ensure our CSRs help parking customers efficiently and effectively. 

With AI support, we can assess thousands of calls to uncover a more accurate picture of how our team is doing. We then give out a monthly QA score to reflect parking customer satisfaction.

In addition to our monthly scoring, our supervisors send weekly highlights to empower team members and feedback to help them improve.

The P.A.R.K.E.R Care System and Other Metrics

Our QA team reviews calls and evaluates CSRs’ performances based on codified metrics. An essential part of this system is what we call “P.A.R.K.E.R Care.”

P.A.R.K.E.R. is an acronym representing the following:

  • Present: Our customer support representatives must be present on every call. 
  • Advise: CSRs need to be ready to advise and help parking customers. 
  • Respectful: Call support representatives need to be respectful and treat others the way they would want to be treated. 
  • Knowledge: Every CSR needs to know where to obtain information to address parking customer inquiries. 
  • Empathetic: CSRs need to show empathy to parking customers
  • Response: Customer service representatives need to be able to take action and have a positive influence on every call. They need to be able to guide the call toward a solution. 

In addition to the P.A.R.K.E.R. Care system, our representatives must abide by other essential criteria, including:

  • Greeting: customer service representatives must greet parking customers with a pleasant tone and helpful demeanor. 
  • Anonymity: our CSRs must maintain anonymity to convey the illusion that they work in the parking facility. 
  • Correct Troubleshooting: representatives need to navigate the troubleshooting process effectively. 
  • Business-Specific Protocols: our CSRs must follow unique parking facility rules. We integrate business-specific rules into our call procedures. 
  • Correct Call Notes: representatives need to ensure they enter information correctly in their call notes.
  • Professionalism: our CSRs must convey professionalism by always answering calls with headphones, and they need to position themselves at the center of each screen. Each one of our representatives is also supposed to maintain professionalism by not fidgeting or touching their face.

Quality Assurance at New Facilities

While QA is an absolute must for every parking facility, it’s especially important for newer facilities. We monitor every customer call at these facilities to ensure we can fix issues per each business’s needs. 

A key metric we use for these newer facilities involves whether our CSRs are able to address  parking customers’ issues. Our team must strive to reach positive resolutions.  A key factor for this is having all the necessary information to resolve issues per the facility guidelines.  Our new garage review process ensures that the information and questions we are getting from the motorist matches the information we received from the facility manager when setting up the facility.  If there are differences, we work with the facility leadership to get our procedures updated.

From there, our assessments ensure that our team follows all the aforementioned rules to provide optimal and professional services. 

We grade all our calls at newer facilities, and our supervisors pay close attention to how our team needs to improve going forward. We then send audits to the parking facilities to show their customers’ overall satisfaction levels. 

Ensure Optimal Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our ethos. Through meticulous QA, unwavering dedication and a commitment to excellence, we strive to exceed expectations at every turn.

If you’re ready to join us in our journey to maximize customer satisfaction, contact us or learn more on our solution page.

Tammy Baker

Tammy Baker


Tammy Baker has 25 years of experience in process improvement, team management, systems, change management, training and inventory control. She holds a B.A. in Organizational leadership and Supervision from IUPUI.