Podcast EP 12 Rewind: Introducing The Parketing Collective and Ultra Distances with New Shoe Day

“Harder Than It Looks: Parking Uncovered is our podcast that we use to facilitate connections and illuminate solutions to common problems within the parking and mobility industry.

We aim to do so by highlighting the voices of experts in the space, discussing trends and forward-looking technological innovations, and providing professional food for thought. All in an effort to help one another get better at what we know is harder than it looks…parking a car.

Today, we’re rewinding and recapping Episode 12: Introducing: the Parketing Collective ft Heidi Barber, Sarah Becherer, and RJ Juliano, and Ultra Distances with New Shoe Day ft Casey Crouse.

This episode is a masterclass in parking marketing or “Parketing.” We sat down with 3 incredible marketing leaders in parking, RJ Juliano, Sarah Becherer, and our own Heidi Barber, who are introducing the new “Parking Collective.”

In segment two, we sit down with Casey Crouse to dive into some of the intricacies that make running Ultra Marathons even harder than they look, as well as his organization, New Shoe Day.

Meet Our Guests:

Heidi Barber

Heidi Barber

VP of Marketing at Parker Technology

Heidi Barber is the VP of Marketing at Parker Technology and also a member of the NPA 40 Under 40 list. She has over a decade of B2B Marketing experience and sits on the steering committee for Women in Parking. 

Sarah Becherer

VP of Marketing at Ocra

Sarah Becherer is the VP of Marketing at Ocra. Sarah has over 15 years of experience in demand generation, brand awareness, and customer acquisition. In 2018 she was selected to the NPA’s 40 Under 40 list. 

RJ Juliano

CIO, CMO, and SVP at Parkway Corporation

RJ Juliano, is the CIO, CMO, and Senior Vice President at Parkway Corporation, a Philadelphia-based leader in real estate and parking development that operate nearly 21,000 parking spaces.

Casey Crouse

Leader, Account Management at GadellNet Consulting Services, Co-Founder of New Shoe Day

Casey is the Leader, Account Management at GadellNet Consulting Services, and proudly serves on the Riley Children’s Foundation Board of Governors. Casey cares deeply about wellness, and has been working hard to develop New Shoe Day, a nonprofit that provides new shoes to youth in need across central Indiana to empower them to thrive.

You Won’t Want to Miss These Clips:

Segment 1 with the Parketing Collective:

  • The Parketing Collective (00:04:44)
  • Transition from CIO to CMO (00:08:24)
  • The importance of a distinct brand for parking operators (00:10:55)
  • Challenges in marketing (00:16:17)
  • Discipline and benchmarks in marketing (00:21:37)
  • Science of Marketing (00:22:32)
  • Consistency in Marketing (00:23:02)
  • Effective Marketing Tactics (00:24:56)
  • Brand Establishment and Thought Leadership (00:27:29)
  • Humanizing the Brand (00:30:52)
  • Digital PR and Blogging (00:33:53)
  • Data and Analytics Investment (00:38:00)
  • Building a Marketing Team (00:41:28)
  • Product Marketing and Differentiation (00:42:44)
  • Brand Ambassadors and Leadership (00:43:50)
  • Outsourcing and Resource Allocation (00:44:18)
  • Joining the Parking Collective (00:45:03)
  • Challenges in Parking Jobs (00:49:16)
  • Wishful Changes in Parking (00:51:56)
  • Professional Achievements and Parketing Collective Call (00:55:59)

Segment 2 with Casey Crouse:

  • Ultra Distance Running (01:05:20)
  • Running a 100-Mile Race (01:08:01)
  • Adversity in Ultra Distance Running (01:11:15)
  • Nutrition and Preparation (01:14:48)
  • Lessons Learned and Finish Rates (01:16:08)
  • New Shoe Day (01:19:14)
  • Measuring Success (01:24:47)
  • The Mission of Providing New Shoes (01:24:50)
  • Fundraising and Challenges (01:26:05)
  • Cost of Providing Shoes (01:26:53)
  • Becoming a Board Member (01:28:29)
  • Leadership and Fundraising (01:31:31)
  • Meaning in the Struggle (01:34:10)
  • Empathy in Customer Service (01:36:55)
  • Balancing Work and Family (01:39:06)

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