Podcast EP 13 Rewind: Tackling Concession Agreements and Customer-Centric Advocacy

“Harder Than It Looks: Parking Uncovered is our podcast that we use to facilitate connections and illuminate solutions to common problems within the parking and mobility industry.

We aim to do so by highlighting the voices of experts in the space, discussing trends and forward-looking technological innovations, and providing professional food for thought. All in an effort to help one another get better at what we know is harder than it looks…parking a car.

Today, we’re rewinding and recapping Episode 13: Tackling Challenges of Concessions with Sarah Blouch and Customer-Centric Advocacy with Jyo Shukla.

In segment one, Brian Wolff interviews Sarah Blouch, CEO of CampusParc, and we dive into the journey of managing parking solutions at CampusParc and The Ohio State University. 

We also discuss challenges from stakeholder management, the integration of environmental initiatives, and get into what concession agreements look like from negotiation to execution. 

In segment two, guest host Claudia Lopez, Client Success Manager at Parker Technology, interviews Jyo Shukla, author of “Customer Success Mindset: Building Customer-Centricity into the DNA of your Growth Strategy,” advocates for empathetic engagement and the creation of raving fans through exceptional service and strategic communication.

Meet Our Guests:

Sarah Blouch

CEO of CampusParc

Sarah Blouch is CEO of CampusParc LP, the company formed to manage and oversee all aspects of the Long-Term Lease and Parking Concession of The Ohio State University Parking System. Sarah has worked in the parking & transportation industry since 1980.

In her current role, Sarah is responsible for managing the shareholder investment, adhering to contractual obligations outlined in the concession agreement, establishing the vision for the company to minimize risk and optimize value; coordinating the dynamic interests of a diverse stakeholder population; managing public opinion; and taking a proactive role in environmental, social, and governance-related activities. She has worked in the parking & transportation industry since 1980. 

Jyo Shukla

Director – Digital Experience at Raptiv, Author of ‘Customer Success Mindset’

Jyo is a multi award-winning SaaS leader and author of the highly acclaimed book “Customer success mindset”. She has spent most of my career helping start-ups and enterprises across the globe build scalable, meaningful customer journeys and reap commercial benefits out of their customer-centric approach. 

She is also an active mentor and volunteer for organizations supporting the professional development of women in STEM, as well as diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Guest Host: Claudia Lopez

Client Experience Manager at Parker Technology

Claudia has worked in Customer Service and Call Center operations her entire career, and has over a decade of experience in the parking industry. Before her role at Parker Technology, Claudia worked at the City of Las Vegas Parking Services office as the Office Supervisor.   

Today, she serves as Client Experience Manager at Parker Technology, and has expanded her team with Implementation and Client Success.  She also recently earned her Client Experience Specialist certification and my CPP Certified Parking Professional certification.  

You Won’t Want to Miss These Clips:

Segment 1 with Sarah Blouch from CampusParc

  • Sarah’s Career Journey (00:03:02)
  • Transition to Ohio State University (00:05:00)
  • Transition to a Concession Agreement (00:07:13)
  • Managing the Transition (00:10:56)
  • Understanding Concession Agreements (00:15:20)
  • The University’s Financial Gain (00:20:18)
  • Challenges Faced During COVID-19 (00:21:05)
  • Navigating the Arm’s Length Relationship with the University (00:23:12)
  • Adapting to Technology Changes (00:26:20)
  • Managing Parking Rules and Regulations (00:27:44)
  • Addressing Customer Frustrations (00:29:15)
  • Navigating Campus Politics and Decision-Making (00:30:04)
  • Challenges of Operating within a Concession Agreement (00:35:06)
  • Perspective on Diversity and Inclusion in the Industry (00:39:55)

Segment 2 with Jyo Shukla:

  • Fostering Customer Sucess and Advocacy (00:57:16)
  • Takeaways from “Customer Success Mindset” (01:06:30)
  • Embracing Change and Overcoming Adversity (01:19:25)

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