The P.A.R.K.E.R. Care Model

At Parker Technology, we solve over two million parking problems per year. To date, we’ve resolved over 5 million customer service calls – that number is growing every day. Thousands of calls are routed through our customer service center every year. 

You can’t run a company that answers so many customer calls without having an exceptional system in place. Our customer service representatives use the P.A.R.K.E.R. Care Model, our unique approach to customer service resolutions. 

Why Do People Need to Call Customer Service at a Parking Facility?

When you run a parking facility, you know that inevitably, problems will arise. 

Whether your facility is staffed by on-site employees, or automated, drivers may call to address problems like these: 

  • Parking space availability: If the parking facility is full, customers might need assistance understanding why they cannot get in and what they should do.
  • Payment or ticketing problems: Mechanical issues with or not understanding how to use payment machines, malfunctioning ticket dispensers, or errors in processing payments can frustrate customers and require resolution through customer service.
  • Access control: Problems with access cards, gate operation, or barriers can prevent core business customers from entering or exiting the parking facility smoothly.
  • Vehicle damage: Incidents involving vehicle damage or theft within the parking facility might require immediate assistance and coordination with security or law enforcement.
  • Lost tickets: Customers who lose their parking tickets or require validation might need guidance on how to exit the facility.
  • General customer assistance: General inquiries, assistance with directions within the facility, garage hours or requests for help with disabled vehicles often prompt calls to customer service.
  • Safety concerns: When customers become aware of safety hazards like poor lighting, slippery surfaces, or suspicious individuals, customer service needs to pick up right away. 
  • Refunds and/or disputes: Disputes over charges, issues with refunds, or complaints about the quality of service might require direction and guidance for next steps through customer service.
  • Special requests: Customers may have special requests, such as reserving a specific parking spot or arranging for oversized vehicle accommodations, which would require assistance from customer service.

Understanding the Importance of Customer Care

The importance of good customer care cannot be understated! 

As parking facilities have become increasingly automated, drivers often feel helpless when a problem occurs. Parker Technology offers a human voice for every caller, leaving your customers feeling heard and cared for. 

Customer service is essential to the parking industry for many reasons, including: 

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Brand reputation
  • Retention and loyalty
  • Problem resolution
  • Safety and Security
  • Efficiency and convenience
  • Feedback collection
  • Compliance and regulations
  • Revenue protection
  • Competitive advantage

You can spend a lot of money on infrastructure, technology, and security, but without extraordinary customer service management, your business will suffer.

The P.A.R.K.E.R. Care Model

We have developed our unique P.A.R.K.E.R. Care Model to ensure total customer satisfaction. Our goal is to resolve every issue as quickly as possible while ensuring drivers leave the interaction feeling satisfied.

Let’s take a look at how our customer service representatives embody the P.A.R.K.E.R. Care Model, one letter at a time.

Present: Present on every call.

When your customers need help, we give them our full attention. Our CSRs focus their attention on the call at hand. 

When customers know that they are speaking to a representative who has their full attention, they are more likely to feel heard and respected. That goes a long way in helping to resolve problems! 

Advise: Ready to Advise and lead.

We know your customers are calling because they need help; they are unsure of what to do next. Our CSRs lead them through the situation at hand and use the tools at their disposal to advise the customer on the next steps.

We offer meaningful advice that is easy to understand – and steps that are easy to follow. 

Respectful: Treat others as we want to be treated.

Customers can be unpredictable, but our CSRs remain composed and provide customers with the answers and services they need, as determined by your business rules.

Knowledgeable: Know facility information

Taking parking calls is all our CSRs do, so they understand the demands of parking services. Plus our software puts your facility’s information and business rules at CSRs’ fingertips, which they swiftly navigate to resolve issues.

Every CSR should answer questions precisely, based on the specific details of your facility. No facility is the same as any other, and CSRs need to know how to answer customer questions no matter which parking facility they find themselves in. 

Empathetic: Show empathy for parking patrons.

Our CSRs listen to customers, relate, and express a desire to help. We speak from a perspective of understanding, and let customers know what we can do to help.

Empathy is one of the most important characteristics of a customer service rep. Unsympathetic CSRs do not provide high-quality service; they don’t have a place within the P.A.R.K.E.R. model. 

Responsive: Take action on every call.

Our CSRs speak enthusiastically and confidently to guide the customer through the transaction and communicate issues to you as needed.

Additional Guidelines for Our CSRs

In addition to everything we’ve covered about the P.A.R.K.E.R. Care Model, our CSRs also abide by some standards that ensure excellent customer service. 

  • Greeting: Our CSRs will always greet parking customers with a pleasant tone and helpful attitude and greet parking customers with a pleasant tone and helpful demeanor. 
  • Anonymity: To maintain the illusion that they work directly in the facility, our CSRs will maintain anonymity.
  • Correct troubleshooting: Representatives will go through systematic troubleshooting to solve problems. 
  • Abide by business-specific protocols: Our CSRs will always follow the unique rules of each parking facility. 
  • Correct Call Notes: Representatives need to ensure they enter information correctly in their call notes.
  • Professionalism: All of your customers will be met by a professional CSR who answers calls with headphones. For video contact, they will maintain professionalism by not touching their face, fidgeting, or appearing distracted.

We know that Customer Service Matters

We take pride in our P.A.R.K.E.R. Care Model because our system ensures that we always provide exceptional customer service. 

By training our CSRs to abide by this model, we make sure that your parking facility’s customers receive the highest level of care and attention, no matter why they are making a support call. 

At the heart of our success is the unwavering belief that extraordinary customer service is the foundation of any thriving parking business. We consistently deliver the promise we make to abide by the P.A.R.K.E.R. Care model, and we look forward to helping your company grow and succeed. 

Ready to learn more about Parker Technology? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your parking business thrive. 

Tammy Baker

Tammy Baker


Tammy Baker has 25 years of experience in process improvement, team management, systems, change management, training and inventory control. She holds a B.A. in Organizational leadership and Supervision from IUPUI.