Maximizing Customer Satisfaction: Quality Assurance’s Impact Pt. 1

Quality Assurance

Quality Control – why spend the time and money? We are an imperfect people, working with imperfect equipment in an imperfect process. QA is one of the measurements we use to understand the delta between our service promise and our service delivery. Done right, it will point us right to the source of any issue(s) causing service delivery gaps.

What will this effort protect?

Avoid the fall-out from poor customer reviews:

We’ve seen that negative reviews can hurt the likelihood of a prospective customer choosing your business. Negative reviews can also be detrimental to your business’s search engine optimization (SEO).

As you may already know, search engine optimization is an integral part of modern marketing. Potential parking clients need to be able to discover your business via search engines, particularly Google. Your Google ranking — meaning where your web page appears when customers search for relevant keywords — will directly impact the health of your business. After all, if no one sees your facility when Googling nearby parking options, how will they learn about your business?

This is another reason why positive reviews are key to attracting more customers. Google is less likely to show businesses with poor reviews or a minimal number of reviews. The search engine will likely display your business in a poor position, meaning would-be customers will struggle to find you.

Your business needs plenty of positive reviews to optimize your Google ranking, meaning your customers need to have overwhelmingly good experiences with your facility.

Help maintain a smooth process flow and ensure issues don’t impact your customer:

Quality checks at the right stages of your process will help you track progress and easily see where things are breaking down or slowing down, giving you an opportunity to make adjustments before your product or service reaches your customer, or at a minimum, help you see the issue early and impact the smallest amount of your customers as possible.

This will save time with rework or refunds, while also eliminating friction points for your customer.

How does Parker Technology utilize QA?

We take great pride in our quality assurance measures. A key part of our process is reviewing our call logs. We review these calls to ensure our CSRs deliver unmatched quality, by providing professional and empathetic service to the motorist, while following each parking facilities’ unique protocols.

It is important enough to us that we have a dedicated team that reviews calls manually and we also utilize a quality platform that uses AI technology to sort through and evaluate calls in mass. This enables us to identify any potential problems that may hurt our customers’ experience. We report on this information immediately in the event of an urgent matter and weekly as a standard review process on every CSR. Our quality assurance process gives our Call Center Leadership team the information they need to help guide the coaching given to each CSR in order to improve their interactions with customers.

As we’ve seen, a single poor interaction can have serious consequences, so your facility expects top-of-the-line customer support. We use the data from our QA process to help ensure we help in that service delivery. 

With our solution, you can get the peace of mind of knowing that you’re serving your customers in the best way possible, while also adhering to your business procedures.

When your customers have positive interactions with CSRs, they’re far more likely to become loyal clients, and they may leave glowing reviews that enhance your SEO.

If you want to learn more about how we maximize customer satisfaction, check out Part 2 of this blog series or watch our webinar recording.

Tammy Baker

Tammy Baker


Tammy Baker has 25 years of experience in process improvement, team management, systems, change management, training and inventory control. She holds a B.A. in Organizational leadership and Supervision from IUPUI.