Flexibility is Our Middle Name

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Let’s face it, every garage is complicated, and we have no doubt your garage is unique. The fact is, we work with hundreds of different facilities, each of which manages garages differently. With our flexible solution, which includes the intercom / PARCS equipment and software platform needed to enable our call center service, there are a variety of configurations we can tailor to fit your needs. Read on as we dig into each of these components, taken from our FAQs.


Our technical services team can work with you to determine the best solution, based on your existing equipment, budget and timeline. We can integrate with the PARCS equipment you have or provide hardware if needed so that your patrons can have their issues resolved quickly and be on their way.

Our audio-only call solution is compatible with a variety of existing third-party intercoms. For example:

  • Cyberdata                  
  • Stentofon       
  • Umojo
  • SES
  • CyberData
  • Viking Security
  • Commend

We also have integrated PARCS solutions with TIBA, Flash and Amano currently (audio and two-way video) and are in the process of building bridges to other brands as well.

Additionally, we can offer two-way video with our bolt-on solution, which works on any PARCS equipment.

Two-Way Video

Two-way video allows customer service representatives to offer more nuanced and efficient assistance, and customers are afforded an added personal touch of face-to-face interaction, even in automated garages. However, you are welcome to use audio-only, if that is what you need. Our solution is compatible with most intercoms and can work with any PARCS equipment.

Customer Service Representatives

How we incorporate your business ethos:

Our robust software platform puts the information customer service representatives need at their fingertips, to handle calls according to your rules and branding.

Whether you need a call center solution, or a software platform to support your existing call center, we can help. We have highly trained CSRs available for audio calls, or even two-way video calls, if that is what you want. You don’t need to worry about losing your unique “voice” in this process, as we have invested heavily in building a software platform to capture your business rules and push those rules to the screen when our CSRs answer your calls.

In addition to that, we provide you the ability to review the notes and your calls online. Furthermore, we have a thorough onboarding process to fully understand your operation and business objectives, so that we may truly work as an extension of your team. Calls are handled according to your business rules and with your customer greeting; you determine how we handle issues in the lane. We understand how quickly things can change, which is why we can update your business rules when you need us to.

Advantages to Using Our CSRs

Chances are, your team doesn’t like taking intercom calls. They can be distracting and prevent your staff from completing other, higher-priority tasks. Unfortunately, when you rely on your own busy staff members, delays can lead to a situation where the gate is vended just because they do not have the time to work through the issue with the customer at that point in time. With our solution, your staff is happier, more focused and efficient, and you capture more revenue.

Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about hiring, firing, time off, training, and quality assurance. We’re so efficient at what we do, that our service can generally pay for itself if we complete one additional successful transaction per day. Lastly, when your customers need help, they want it instantly, and at a social distance. We have the training and tools to provide that customer service, quickly resolve issues in the lane, capture revenue, and keep traffic moving. We free up your on-site staff to focus on everything else.

If you prefer to take some of the calls yourself, you can. Whether you need a call center solution, or a software platform to support your existing call center, we can help.


We have call volume plans designed for operations of all sizes. If you don’t know how many calls your operation gets, we can start with a size that matches your best guess and adjust as needed. Find the plan for you on our pricing calculator.

We have call volume plans designed for operations of all sizes, such as call buckets of 125, 300, or 500 per month. However, if you would like to receive pricing for a smaller or larger bucket size, e.g. 50 calls per month, or 800 calls per month, please contact us.


We resolve issues quickly and efficiently, without much troubleshooting. Calls are answered in under 12 seconds on average and resolved in under a minute.

Benefits Include:

  • Access to real-time call performance and data
  • Access to call recordings and notes
  • Standard queue priority
  • Templated business rules
  • Call-outs for equipment issues

We can only push rates with our new TIBA API integration. However, we also use alternative ways of collecting payment. More often than not, the solution is as simple as inserting the validation correctly or pressing a lost ticket button, according to your preference for revenue capture versus keeping traffic moving. Additionally, we just added a new Text-to-Pay feature which allows us to send a mobile PayPal link to any parking guest to pay instantly on their phone.

Next Steps

With integrated solutions like Flash and TIBA’s X60 machines, we can start taking calls in as little as one business day, assuming no network or firewall issues. We work with you, our dealer network and our PARCS manufacturers to coordinate a smooth installation process.

Choose a call plan that suits your needs, followed by implementation, which includes installation and onboarding. Download our installation checklist to learn more.

If you purchase hardware, that could be an upfront cost and may require a longer turnaround. Otherwise, implementation and onboarding are included in monthly service pricing. Here are the other elements that contribute to a successful implementation:

  • Signed Agreement:  Return your signed agreement to get started. You will not be charged for call center services until we take calls successfully.
  • Network Discovery: Testing and/or configuration is needed to be sure our solution is supported.
  • Onboarding Form: Submit the online questionnaire. This information informs how our CSRs handle your calls.
  • Kickoff call: Ask outstanding questions, clarify facility information and discuss any other concerns.
  • Payment Set-Up: Our primary payment method is to be paid via ACH. However, alternatives are available.

A quick turnaround is possible with your collaboration. We’ll go as fast as you want to go!

If you have additional questions, we would love to talk with you. And seriously, don’t just take our word for it, read one of our case studies to see how we’ve helped other customers solve a myriad of operational issues.