Working From Home During COVID-19

During the stay-at-home order, CSR and trainer, Jill Reynolds, handled intercom calls without missing a beat, thanks to our flexible software.

I’ve been with Parker four and a half years. My fifth year will come in February. I am the trainer. When they do hire new people, I teach them the Parker way, and how we do things, and how the software works. I also take calls.

I really liked the new role that I’m in. As far as the training, the people that come in to Parker. It’s always different each and every day, you know? No two calls are the same. I like working the management team and the people that I work for, there’s not a day goes by that they don’t tell me, how much I’m appreciated.

They just do little things. I’ve seen Brian, the CEO, walk around with a pot of coffee, filling everybody’s coffee, when we’re really busy. Tammy, doesn’t hesitate to get into our queue when we’re busy, to help us out. That’s what I love the most.

[Working from home] didn’t really affect me at all. The biggest thing was, I had to find a table that was good for a desk. And I just set it up in my bedroom on a blank wall. I shut my door. It was nice and quiet.

I had the Parker software, so everything I needed was right there at my fingertips. They still got great customer service as they would, if I was [in the office].

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