Why Parker Technology?

Every parking call answered, personally.

Sixteen years ago, when cashiers started being replaced with machines, customers would come to the gate, and they would be confused. They would need help!

We realized, very quickly, that when someone pushed the help button, it was more likely because they were confused, and we could help them. That’s why Parker exists today. It’s our job to help people get out of garages.

We service a market and service a need that a lot of companies really don’t have the resources, or the patience to take care of. Taking care of issues at the gate isn’t necessarily what the garage staff is focused on. So Parker is able to step in and handle those situations for them.

On a day to day basis, Parker fills a very simple gap by bridging automation and a customer experiencing a problem, with a virtual ambassador in every lane.

Things happen when you don’t expect them to happen, things break when you’re not expecting them to break, and it’s always in the middle of something, when something else is going on.

When the unexpected happens, Parker is there to help bridge the gap, to make sure that the traffic in the lane isn’t interrupted. So, what makes me most proud is that Parker has gone from being a nice to have, to being essential for our customers, to deliver their customer experience.

Explore our videos page for more about our clients, our team, and our customer service solution.