Why Operators Can’t Afford NOT to Have a System

Every company needs an efficient business system or process comprised of best practices, principles, and guidelines to optimize daily operations. A quality system will not only benefit your staff, but if you align your priorities with operations, you will consistently deliver a satisfactory customer experience.

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Implementing a quality system is one of the best things you can do for your company and will make all the difference. Companies that continually utilize best practices and follow a system are more productive, consistent, confident, and deliver higher quality experiences for their customers and employees. When your employees are happy, your customers are happy.

The benefits of a business system are: consistent and quality results, improved customer experiences, employees who excel, better organization and efficient operations, and an increase in revenue and growth. But what happens when you don’t follow a system and deliver results?

What Happens When You Don’t Have a System

Without best practices and processes to follow, your team will deliver inconsistent service and results, which will negatively impact your company in a number of ways. Companies that fail to implement a quality system suffer from:

  1. Poor Staff Morale: Without the right tools and systems to guide them, your employees can become demoralized and discouraged. Not to mention, they may lack the bandwidth to handle intercom calls. To deliver quality results, you need a consistent and transparent system in place, which includes praising staff for their good work. However, when employees don’t have the support or information they need, and are constantly reacting to inbound intercom calls, they may feel dissatisfaction in their role.
  2. Lost Revenue: Of course, inconsistent results and poor morale will lead to customer dissatisfaction, and when your customers aren’t happy, you will start losing money. You must have best practices and processes to run efficiently and optimize your operations. When you don’t, you will fail to deliver, and your customers will seek what they need elsewhere. 
  3. Inconsistent Results: Inconsistency is what brings down most companies. Without a system in place to ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal, your customers will have inconsistent experiences. When this happens, there is a sort of ripple effect that works its way through your company. When your customers are upset, your employees may feel they have failed for not delivering, and when your employees don’t deliver, your managers and others in leadership get frustrated. When everyone is frustrated, it will continue to affect performance, and you will continue to deliver inconsistent results and poor service.
  1. Negative Customer Experiences: If guests continually have bad experiences in your facility/s, they will find another garage to park in. Additionally, when lanes get backed up, and no one is there to answer their call for help because no one is available, customers may get frustrated enough to plow through the gate, which can be costly to fix.
  2. Bad Brand Reputation: Over time, as more and more customers have bad experiences, they may leave bad reviews and talk poorly about your company on social media and to others in person. It only takes one or two bad customer experiences to tarnish your company’s brand reputation.

A Quality System That Works

At Parker, we understand the importance of exceptional service. Best practices and a quality system and processes can go a long way towards improving results and growing your business. By implementing a quality program and focusing priorities on what really matters, we align our goals and processes to consistently deliver superior results and an excellent customer experience.

Download our cheat sheet to building a quality program. Or, click to learn more about our solution.