What Happens When You Don’t Answer the Call?

It’s understandable that you might not always have enough employees on-hand to staff your garages 24/7. However, whether it’s due to staff shortages or simply not wanting to force employees to work grueling overnight shifts or weekends, it’s never a good idea to leave your garages unattended.

Without someone there to assist your customers, you might find yourself losing business. For example, if a driver knows that your garage is not occupied and they are worried about something preventing them from paying and getting out, they will likely choose another garage. Not only that, but they will possibly leave a bad review which can further hurt your business by damaging your reputation.

92% of customers have been found to abandon a brand or service after only 2–3 bad experiences. The key to retaining customers and building brand loyalty is superior customer service. If you don’t have the staff available to attend your garage 24/7, it’s essential to have a backup plan, such as an automated system that offers live assistance at the push of the button for those times when a staff member can’t always be there in person to help. 

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4 Things That Can Go Wrong When No One is Available to Help

To retain customers and grow your business, you’ve got to establish trust. The most loyal customers often stick around not because of the product or service itself, but because of exceptional customer experiences. When your customers feel like you care about them and their experience, they are more likely to keep coming back and recommend you to others.

It should go without saying then that if you don’t provide a good experience, and no one is there to assist your customers, they won’t stick around, and they won’t be recommending you to their friends. If you consistently drop the ball, and don’t answer your customer’s calls for help, there are a number of things that can go wrong.

The following are some of the top four things that can happen if your customers get stuck behind a gate with no one available to assist them:

1. A Garage Jam

Similar to what you think of when you hear the term traffic jam, garage jams often happen when there is something holding customers up at the gate. And if there is no one there to assist them, the queue will only continue to get worse. Not only will you then have the problem of figuring out how to get everyone out, but you are likely going to have a lot of angry customers that are going to call and complain and potentially demand a refund.

2. Impatience = Reckless Behaviors

When people get frustrated and lose their patience, they are more likely to drive negligently. On the road, this can mean causing an accident; in a garage, it can mean plowing through and destroying your gate. You’ll then have an angry customer on your hands as well as a very expensive gate to fix.

3. Bad Reviews

When customers don’t feel their needs are being met, they won’t think twice about leaving a bad review, and it only takes a couple of bad reviews to tarnish a brand’s reputation. Failing to answer calls when customers are in need cheapens the experience for them. If they are continually frustrated by your service, they will quickly abandon ship and find another garage to use.

4. Loss of Business

Ultimately, all of the above will lead to you losing business. When a brand continually fails to deliver, it will inevitably lose its customers and struggle to find new ones. Whether through bad reviews or word of mouth, news of your poor customer service will spread, and eventually, it will impact the growth of your business by costing you your source of revenue.

Answer the Call With Parker Technology

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