VP of Client Experience Tammy Baker on How Parker Technology Understands Client Needs

The most important thing we do is listen to our clients.

Watch the video above, or follow along below for Tammy’s explanation as to how we listen to the needs of our customers, and deliver a solution that works for them. Check out our videos page for more.

We service a need that a lot of companies really don’t have the facilities or the patience to take care of. The customers in the lane are very important and they need to be taken care of properly, but you don’t always have the facilities, the time, the energy to really help them. 

When the unexpected happens, Parker’s there to help bridge the gap to make sure that the traffic in the lane isn’t interrupted.

The main thing that Parker does is listen to our customers and we understand what their promises to their customers. And so in order for us to deliver on their brand and what they represent, we have to truly understand what they represent. 

There are different people that have different needs at different facilities. And we have a system that tracks all that for us. And so we understand. What they need, what their requirements are, and there’s a path of what we would need to do to help them fulfill that. No matter who we’re speaking to, we are looking for a resolution to help solve a problem, or to help address a question.

I want a garage manager’s favorite check to write every month to be the one to Parker. You know, that is what tells us that we are fulfilling their need. It’s kinda like being a mom and cooking the kid’s favorite meal, you’re able to really take care of somebody.

And that creates a relationship that lasts through time.