CEO Brian Wolff Explains the Real Value of Parker Technology

We are relentless and passionate about the quality that we deliver.

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16 years ago, when cashiers started being replaced with machines, customers would come to the gate, and they’d be confused. They would need help. We realized very quickly that when someone pushed the help button, it was more likely because they were confused and we could help them. And that’s why Parker exists today.

What Parker does, is we deliver a virtual ambassador in every lane, so that when the inevitable issues come up with automation, we’re there to help that customer every time. When someone is experiencing a problem in a parking garage, Parker’s job is to save the customer experience. We preserve our customer’s reputations by answering calls for help quickly, and resolving the issue, so that they can pay and beyond their way.

I think the thing that sets Parker apart from everyone else in the market is really two things. It’s first, that we are relentless and passionate about quality that we deliver, the quality interactions that we deliver for our customer. And the second really is that we can answer your parking guests’ calls for help, and not be tied to a management contract in any way.

We are focused on parking. Parking is all that we do. And so consequently, our CSRs take a lot of calls, and they know parking.

The most important thing that Parker does is that we help our customers deliver a great customer experience and help them collect revenue while their people are onsite doing more important, higher priority things.