The Experience of a Customer Service Representative

Here at Parker Technology, we say our people are our power. We cannot provide superior customer service to our customers without our committed customer service representatives (CSRs).

Our CSRs listen actively, think creatively, ask questions, persevere and excel at teamwork. They also must go the extra mile to help motorists, while keeping their cool when motorists are frustrated, angry, or confused.

Their hard work and dedication have ensured our clients have not felt the company’s growth. Motorists’ calls are always taken care of expeditiously and efficiently.

As we continue to grow, our leadership works to maintain its employee-focused culture, so our CSRs love working for us.

Two CSRs Who Go Above & Beyond

Two exceptional team members include Cierra Arnette, who works in our Indianapolis office and has been with Parker Technology for two years, and Ryan Staffer, who has worked with us for one year at the Las Vegas office.

Both are hard workers and have taken many calls. Ryan took 42,327 calls in less than a year, and Cierra took an astounding 125,744 calls in less than two years.

Ryan and Cierra recently shared their thoughts about their jobs and some experiences as a CSR on a panel featured on our podcast “Harder Than It Looks: Parking Uncovered.”

Cierra said at the beginning, troubleshooting was the most challenging aspect of her job. With some frustrated, angry or sad customers, it was better to let them out of the parking facility without solving their problem, rather than keep them waiting.

Cierra, who sometimes takes up to 300 calls daily, said the sheer volume of calls can be overwhelming.

“I used to struggle to answer up to 240, and now I’m hitting 300 daily,” she said. “Wow. That’s the most challenging part to deal with.”

Ryan shared that when he started his job, he struggled to learn the software and know how to handle motorists’ emotions.

“Dealing with that and showing patience has helped me be successful and the best at doing my job,” he said.

Both Ryan and Cierra have taken some difficult calls.

In Ryan’s third month as a CSR, he spoke with an upset customer. He tried to calm him down but to no avail. However, Ryan remained calm despite the customer being aggressive and using foul language. The situation was ultimately resolved, but it can be tough in customer service when no matter what you say or do, the customer remains aggravated.

On the other end of the spectrum, Cierra remembers a call where she helped a motorist who struggled because they only spoke Spanish. She used Google Translate to assist them.

“They knew I was trying to help them,” Cierra said. “They were appreciative of that.”

Ryan took a call from a motorist and hotel guest who repeatedly tried to use her room key card in the garage’s credit card slot.

“I was patient and she was nice,” he said. “After the third try, she was able to look down and saw she was trying to tap her key card where it said, ‘Overnight Hotel Guest Key Card,'” he said. “She appreciated me because I was patient and kind.”

Training is Key

Cierra said if she could share anything with our clients, she would want them to know that the veteran CSRs work diligently to train new ones to ensure they care for every customer and motorist. That dedication takes the stress away from the garage managers.

“Our supervisors have tremendous patience to provide constant training,” Ryan said. “We’re all training. We’re all learning.”

Listen to the full interview with Ryan and Cierra at the end of our most recent podcast episode published on September 28th “Empowering Employees: Leadership Lessons in Parking with Don Charley.”

Want to learn about why our employees love working for us? Visit the Parker Technology careers page to find the perfect fit for you.