Management 101: Finding & Keeping Talent

In the dynamic world of business, effective management is a key component of success, and this holds true even in seemingly unconventional sectors like parking management.

In a recent episode of “Harder Than It Looks: Parking Uncovered,” our President & CEO Brian Wolff sat down with Lynda Black, one of our Call Center Managers based here in Indianapolis. The focus of their discussion? The common challenge of finding and retaining top-tier talent, particularly on the frontline.

These are the key highlights from their conversation. Let’s dive in!

Finding Frontline Staff:

  1. Emphasizing Attendance: One of the primary challenges Lynda addressed is the issue of attendance. From the candidate’s initial phone interview, Lynda stresses the importance of attendance, making it clear that reliability is non-negotiable. This upfront transparency ensures that potential candidates understand the job’s expectations from the start.
  2. No Tolerance for No-Shows: Lynda and her team take a bold approach by not entertaining candidates who attempt to reschedule interviews. This strategy prevents potential absentee problems down the line, as candidates who can’t commit to an interview might struggle with job responsibilities. This is especially important in a call center environment.
  3. Effective Candidate Tracking: Implementing a systematic approach, Lynda’s team tracks candidate information, including interview history and attendance. This allows them to address inconsistencies and hold candidates accountable, fostering honesty in the recruitment process.

Motivating Frontline Staff:

  1. Providing Necessary Tools: Lynda emphasizes the importance of supplying frontline staff with the tools needed for success. Ongoing training, one-on-one sessions and addressing concerns contribute to employee development.
  2. Creating a Positive Work Environment: To keep the team engaged, Lynda incorporates elements of fun into the work environment. Whether it’s providing food or acknowledging accomplishments, these efforts contribute to a positive workplace culture.
  3. Continuous Feedback: Recognizing the desire for improvement, Lynda ensures constant feedback for her team. Whether highlighting areas for enhancement or acknowledging outstanding performance, feedback plays a crucial role in employee motivation.

Words of Wisdom for Parking Managers:

Knowing how difficult it is to keep top-tier talent, Lynda shared two essential principles she lives by:

  1. Availability: Being available is a cornerstone of effective management. Lynda stressed the importance of managers being accessible, ready to assist and visibly involved in day-to-day operations.
  2. Leading by Example: Lynda believes in leading by example. By demonstrating a willingness to dive into the same tasks as her team, she instills a sense of camaraderie and shows that no task is beneath her.


In the challenging landscape of parking management, Lynda’s experience and insights provide valuable lessons for Management 101.

From strategic recruitment practices to creating a motivating work environment, these principles can be applied across various industries. Effective management is about setting clear expectations, providing support and leading by example, making the complex task of parking management appear more manageable than ever.

We know that hiring and managing a customer service team can be challenging. If you’re interested in learning how our team can help enhance your customer experience, contact us, or check out our solution. Additionally, catch the podcast recording here (Lynda’s interview begins at 53:06.)