Simple, Quick Solutions for Customers

When you’re in a hurry or simply trying to go about your day, the last thing you want is to find yourself stuck in a parking garage. With automated parking facilities, we assume that our entry and departure will be a breeze. Still, even with the simplest of technology, things can go wrong. And typically, the issue isn’t the problem itself, but how fast and efficiently it’s dealt with. No one wants to sit there waiting for help to come while they try repeatedly to get the equipment to work. Watch the video below to see one such issue, and how we stepped in with a simple, quick solution.

We understand that fast, friendly, and on-demand service is key when you’re on the go. However, we also believe that people need people. When you’re already frustrated with a machine, the last thing you want is help from another bot or machine. That’s why our solution is to provide live, virtual ambassadors to assist parking guests at the push of a button.

To Err Is Human

While the technology and equipment itself can certainly malfunction from time to time, data shows that most parking facility help calls are due to human error. In fact, around 85% of all intercom calls are a result of parking guests failing to use the equipment properly, as opposed to the equipment itself malfunctioning.

We’re all human, and that means we make mistakes — there is no shame in that. Though most parking facilities use automated systems, they do not all work the same. It’s easy to get confused or slip up when you’re in a hurry, especially if you’re used to using another facility’s equipment. Whatever the reason for the error, it happens to the best of us. We’ve all been there. However, just because you made a mistake doesn’t mean that you should have to suffer. No matter the error, our ambassadors are happy to help, providing quick solutions to get you on your way in no time.

Customer Service at the Push of a Button

With Parker Technology, every call is handled personally. There is no waiting around for help to arrive. We provide on-demand customer support right when you need it. A fast and courteous customer experience is our top priority.

Live Video & Audio Interactions

As soon as a problem arises, parking guests can push the assistance button for instant assistance, and be connected to one of our customer service reps. Then, depending on the equipment, there will either be a live face-to-face video, or audio-only, interaction. Either way, our customer service representatives will talk parking guests through the process to get them the personalized help they need.

Fast & Friendly Problem Solvers

If you’ve already been fumbling around with the equipment, we understand that the last thing you want is to deal with a lengthy customer service interaction. That’s why our team is trained to get to the root of the problem as quickly as possible. Not only is it frustrating to be the one in the hot seat, but it also can be a drag for anyone else stuck in line behind you as well. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Our goal is to provide every parking guest with the most efficient and friendly service possible.

Personalized Solutions 

While most calls often only require a simple solution, like putting the credit card in the correct way, every situation is unique. What would be the point of offering live customer service if all you got was the same generalized and robotic response each time? Stressful situations are best handled with patience, empathy, and a personal touch — which is what we do.

The Parker Solution: Quick & Easy Service with a Human Touch

These days, we’re all in a hurry. We want the illusion of getting by without face-to-face interactions while still receiving personalized on-demand help when we need it. Bringing a friendly and efficient human touch to automated parking facilities allows parking guests to move through their day independently while still getting instant live help when they need it.

Our solution is simple: to deliver fast, friendly, and reliable service without the hassle of waiting for someone to arrive. Why waste resources staffing your parking facility when you can provide your guests with on-demand personal parking solutions at the push of a button? We believe that live virtual customer support can save an experience, ensure repeat business, and prevent negative online reviews.

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