Our Customer Service Is Quick & Easy

Here’s why that’s Important…

Customers don’t like to wait. And who can blame them? Waiting is rarely required today, with instant information and same-day service becoming the standards in our modern world. Therefore, customer service support must be provided quickly and without hassle.

At Parker Technology, we get that.

Customer service issues need to be dealt with quickly and without fuss or further complication. In parking garages, parking lots, and other places people park, Parker Technology’s solution provides virtual ambassadors who can instantly assist parking guests as soon as questions and issues arise. Our solution is speedy, reliable, and easy-to-use. And those qualities have never been more important. See how this resonated with a recent parking patron, and then read on to learn more about why this is so important.

No Time to Wait

Sometimes parking patrons find themselves stuck. It could be a mechanical issue with a parking gate or a question about properly inserting parking tickets. In any event, sometimes parkers need help, and they can’t wait. No one wants to hold up an exit line from a parking lot or waste time idling in a parking garage. When people need help, they need it fast.

By permitting instant connection to customer service representatives in every lane, parking patrons get help with the click of a button. Connections are fast and service is friendly. With such speedy service available, parkers have no need to panic when problems come up!

Who cares? We do!

How do you show customers that you care? One way is by providing quick and easy service. And that’s Parker Technology’s specialty. One of the quickest ways to show customers that you don’t care is by refusing to speedily address their needs and issues effectively. When parking problems happen, if customers are stuck waiting for support or don’t get needed assistance, you can bet that that sends a signal.

The customer experience takes effect even before customers set foot in your place of business. Therefore, a negative or positive parking experience can affect their perception. So, show customers you care by meeting their needs even before they walk through the door.

Surprisingly Fast Service

Automation entered the parking industry decades ago. These days, parkers often don’t really expect to interact with any humans while parking in garages or lots. However, when something goes wrong with technology or parking processes, help can be hard to find.

That’s why Parker Technology offers the opportunity to surprise parking patrons with quick, easy customer support. By interacting face-to-face with our customer service representatives via two-way video, our service can surprise patrons who might have expected to struggle to find support when stuck in a parking facility. Instead of remembering the parking problem that occurred, parkers will remember how quickly and easily they received help.

Speed, Trust & Time

Providing responsive and quick service to customers is a great way to build trust. When customers need help, meeting their needs means that they’ll trust your brand and service. Since the customer experience begins well before customers even set foot in your facility, there are opportunities to build trust from the get-go.

Trust is the first step to gaining customer loyalty. While poor service drives customers away, loyalty brings customers back and encourages recommendations for your business. So instead of letting a sour experience in a parking facility negatively affect customers’ perceptions, offer them the speedy service that they’ll need, to quickly and efficiently resolve parking problems.

Quick and easy service, the Parker way.

Easy and quick customer service matters. If your parking facility isn’t providing such service, then your business isn’t providing such service.

The premise of Parker Technology’s parking solution is simple: deliver fast, reliable, straightforward service to parking patrons everywhere, offering a better way to manage intercom and inbound customer service calls.

You can check out more on the various industries we’ve helped, and our FAQ provides more info and answers to common questions. And there’s still more to know! Contact us anytime to learn more about our service platform and what we can do for you.