Park-Rite Upgraded Customer Service with the Parker Solution

Park-Rite Managing Partner, Nick Aubrey, wouldn’t open another automated garage without Parker.

Before Parker, customer service was one of our biggest issues. Staffing 15 to 20 parking lots in Detroit has been traditionally very difficult for us. I spent a lot of time managing employees.

Our company, exuded an image of monotony every day. So, we wanted to upgrade the level of our customer service. Plus, I don’t want to be in the call center business.

We switched over to Parker about four years ago. The transition over to Parker was seamless and immediately efficient.

Their CSRs have great attitudes, and smiling faces every time. That’s always nice to see. We love the 24-7 support that Parker gives us. We think Tammy does a phenomenal job. It’s been great. Not having to manage employee schedules.

The advantage of having Parker has been their level of customer service that they provide. You get a fresh face, a fresh smiling face. Every single time, Parker CSRs represent our brand, and every time a customer enters or exits one of our facilities, they will remember that experience.

There’s no question. Parker’s level of consistency is second to none. We’re liking Parker so much, that I wouldn’t want to open another automated garage without them.

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