Five Questions with Lynda Black

Our new five questions series asks parking professionals about the habits and hobbies that allow them to be the best versions of themselves at work, and otherwise. Check back next month for more!

Lynda Black, Call Center Manager, Parker Technology

Lynda Black is a mother, dog lover and refreshing realist. She is known for telling it like it is and keeping people accountable to what they say they’re going to do. Her weakness is Long’s donuts, arguably the “best” donuts in town, which is why our CEO makes it a point to bring them for her every Friday morning.

Read on for her answers to our five questions.

1. How do you start your day?

I start each day with prayer/mediation and gratitude for being blessed with a new day. Sometimes just me and my thoughts, and other times while on a quick walk with my dogs.

2. What do you do to enrich yourself outside of work?

Self Care has been a must this year, and I am definitely going to continue ensuring I’m taken care of first, in order to be beneficial to those around me. Meditating, reading, alone time and spa days have been a staple during the semi-quarantine days of 2020.

3. If you need inspiration, where do you draw from?

God and my faith. I try and I am getting better about worrying less and knowing that all things with work out for His good.

4. What work-related habit or practice do you think contributes the most to your success?

I am a realist. I do not sugar-coat things, and I know that always being up-front and honest will be more respected in the long-run. I don’t like when I’m surprised or something is thrown at me from left field, so I strive to stand by that while managing others.

5. What’s the best thing you’ve found to do when you’re stressed?

Meditate and internalize the situation. I like to ask myself these questions:

  • Why am I stressed?
  • What caused this stress?
  • Am I am able to prevent this from happening in the future?
  • Can I change the issue that has caused me stress?

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