Huge KUDOS to our newly promoted COO!

It is with great pleasure today that we announce the promotion of Tammy Baker, formerly VP of Client Experience, to Chief Operating Officer of Parker Technology.

During Tammy’s time here at Parker, our business has grown 7X and she has been responsible for building a team and scaling our operations to meet and exceed customer expectations. Because our service is a people business, Tammy has shown an excellent ability to find and retain leaders and teammates who embody our core values and deliver to her high standards.

On top of her duties in operations, Tammy has been responsible for leading our efforts to develop and launch our new software platform. Using her own experience taking calls and interacting with facility managers, she has guided our software team to deliver an innovative platform that helps our parking operator customers collect more revenue and deliver a better customer experience.

The fact is, if there is a critical function at Parker, Tammy Baker has had a hand in building and operating it during her five years here at Parker. It is because of this broad responsibility and her success at every stop, she has earned her new title.

To learn more about the Team here at Parker, visit our About page.