How We Consistently Deliver Excellence

Our quality program.

The key to our excellent customer service (and 95% customer retention rate) is our quality program.

Each week, hundreds of calls are screened by our quality assurance team. Each call recording is scored according to twelve criteria, including greeting, tone, resolution, efficiency, adhering to client business rules, and P.A.R.K.E.R. care.

Plus, in the first two weeks after a facility goes live, every call is audited to ensure they are handled according to client preferences, and if there are issues, to address them by adjusting the notes, or additional training and coaching. Other than that, random calls are audited. These metrics inform the training program and yearly performance reviews.

“We have very low client turnover because of our quality. We can’t do that if we’re not reviewing calls and collecting metrics. The quality assurance scores are one of the main ties between what the sales team sells, and what we deliver.”

Tammy Baker, Vice President of Client Experience

Our quality assurance program doesn’t start and end with the quality assurance team. Average scores are communicated with customer service reps and the leadership team weekly. 

Plus, customer service representatives review their own calls. These self-reviews allow them to evaluate their performance, catch mistakes, and self-correct before it reaches the manager level.

Supervisors further have a good sense of how calls are going in the call center. They often identify good work to use as training and development material, and to give kudos.

“It shows us what a great job our customer service representatives do day in and day out. It gives a grade on what we are doing, and we consistently score high,” said Baker.

Download our cheat sheet to building a quality program. Or, learn more about our solution.