Core Value #1: Honesty & Integrity

“Honesty and Integrity” is the heart of our core values, setting the stage for us all to be transparent and open while maintaining the dignity of those around us. For us to grow and evolve both personally and as an organization, we have to be honest with each other. It is essential to know how we each feel about policies and procedures, communication, the way we are treated, how we feel while at work…the entire package. Honesty and Integrity in all we do and say.

Speak Truth

At Parker Technology, honesty and integrity serves as the foundational core of our company. Every interaction we have with clients, teammates, and community partners will always have these values at heart.

Parker Technology was founded more than a decade ago on the idea that people need people. Our founders saw a need for human interaction and built a customer experience platform that brought people together. Today, we continue to build human connections and find new ways to help people thrive.

What Does it Mean to Have Honesty and Integrity?

Honesty and integrity aren’t just empty buzzwords for us. They have deep meaning, informing how we treat others and handle our daily business. At Parker Technology, we demonstrate honesty and integrity in several ways.

Forthright/Transparent Business Deals

We’re open and transparent in how we do business. This ensures our relationships are always based on mutual understanding.

Ethical Decision Making

We maintain a moral code by engaging in ethical decision-making. Our decisions are always thoughtful and consider how people should be treated.

Trusting Relationships

Trust is essential in productive relationships, so our words and actions reflect that people can trust us to handle business fairly and do the right things.


Having accountability means there is no ego involved, and everyone takes responsibility for their roles in the process. Together, we’re always learning from our challenges and sharing our successes.

How We Incorporate These Principles Into Our Daily Work

When we approach a new partner or project, we communicate our truths in a plainspoken way that isn’t harsh. We’re open and honest, while maintaining the dignity of those around us. Dignity is something we all deserve.

We expect that our honesty creates a welcoming backdrop of integrity, fostering transparent business relationships. Meaning our client interactions function smoothly with a strong sense of forthright communication.

Research shows that when professional relationships are built on honesty and integrity, they’re much more productive. Strong moral and ethical standards lead to numerous positive outcomes like happier employees, lower turnover, fewer misunderstandings, better client bonds, and deeper connections with the community.

Maintaining these high standards isn’t always easy, and as human beings, we may stumble occasionally. However, we’ll remain supportive of one another and keep in mind that the world’s greatest voyages have difficult moments.

We, as a team, want to encourage honesty in all we do and say. We expect that our honesty in the work we do, the words we write, and the words we speak, all use the backdrop of integrity to formulate the plan and delivery of each. This is not always easy, and with us all being human we may stumble on this one sometimes. We will be here to hold each other accountable and bring it back full circle by directly addressing stumbles, taking responsibility for our actions and words, and working even harder to live up to this core value set each day.

Success is always on the horizon when honesty and integrity are propelling people forward. Together, we can maintain these core values and enjoy the journey!

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