Through the Eyes of an Intern

Julia McGrath

Before working at Parker Technology as a Marketing Intern, my knowledge of the parking industry was very slim. During my first few days, I was shocked by how big the industry is and how it is still growing so rapidly. Whenever I went to park my car, it never occurred to me that a company like Parker Technology was out in the world helping people, even in places you’d least expect it. However, now it is all I think about when I’m driving around and see a garage. I wonder to myself, “do they utilize Parker,” and if not, we should talk to them! One could say this is a blessing or a curse, but at least I’m in good company, as the team I work with has the same thoughts while driving around any city with paid parking. 

Parker Technology bridges the gap between parking operators and parking patrons to create a unique and frictionless experience within parking. While coming to work every day and hearing the call center, I can proudly say that our CSRs truly make a difference for parking patrons across the United States and Canada. I have learned over my college years that kindness is always the answer to making someone’s day a little better. After working for Parker, it is clear that this is a company filled with kindness and cura personalsis, which means caring for the whole person. 

During my first month at Parker Technology, I was gifted with amazing team leaders who truly care about my well-being in the company and are trying to help me succeed. Parker Technology has six core values:

  1. Honesty & Integrity
  2. Excellence in Communication
  3. Servant’s Heart
  4. Above & Beyond
  5. Noble Intent
  6. Critical Thinking

Each person here at Parker truly embodies these six core values, and we can see it day-in and day-out in the office and on team calls. The Parker Technology team chooses to be “people for the people” and reflect that in the company, embracing that people need people, especially in the Parking Industry.   

The biggest takeaways in my first month have been the following:

  • Growing knowledge of the Parking Industry
  • The importance of building relationships
  • Taking initiative with any task

Heidi and Katelyn have helped me grow my skills, knowledge and confidence within the marketing realm. As an intern, I work closely with our Marketing Team and Sales Team. A few of my favorite responsibilities thus far include: curating new social campaigns and content ideas for our social channels, digging into reporting to analyze how we can further improve our campaigns, and executing logistical details for upcoming trade shows.

Later this month, I have the opportunity to attend my first parking trade show in New Orleans, for IPMI. To prepare, I assisted with the shipping logistics, pre-show communication and planning our Parker Speakeasy event at a third-floor bar off Bourbon Street, among other things. I am super excited to join the team at conference, especially to learn more about the parking industry, how Parker Technology fits into it and connecting with our customers and partners. Hope to see you there! Feel free to connect with me at