Five Questions with Tamica Jones

Our five questions series asks one of our Parker People about the habits and hobbies that allow them to be the best versions of themselves at work, and otherwise. Check back next month for more!

Tamica Jones, Second Shift Call Center Manager, Parker Technology

Tamica is the newest addition to our Indy-based Customer Service team! She boasts 14 years of leadership and management experience and 14 years of customer service experience. We are thrilled for her to bring that experience to Parker! Tamica loves being a part of building a winning team and believes that clear communication is the key to success. Her hobbies include gaming, spending time with her friends and family and playing with her fur baby.

Read on for her answers to our five questions.

1. How do you start your day?

Meditating. I begin my day by being thankful for another day to be greater than the day before.

2. What do you do to enrich yourself outside of work?

I consider myself an altruistic person. I love to help others get to their goals. I always try to speak life into negative situations.

3. If you need inspiration, where do you draw from?

I get my inspiration from all different areas of my life. I believe that people are placed in our lives as a lesson or blessing. I build off my lessons and embrace my blessings.

4. What work-related habit or practice do you think contributes the most to your success?

I am a strong communicator. I believe in building people up so they see the best in themselves. Sometimes people just need a personal cheerleader in their ear.

5. What’s the best thing you’ve found to do when you’re stressed?

I am a gamer. Gaming sparks my dopamine and keeps me happy. Gaming allows me to put my brain on autopilot and take a break from life’s challenging goals.

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