Five Questions with Bret Smith

Our five questions series asks one of our Parker People about the habits and hobbies that allow them to be the best versions of themselves at work, and otherwise. Check back next month for more!

Bret Smith

Bret Smith, Client Success Specialist, Parker Technology

Bret is the newest addition to our Client Success team! He was part of the Orr Fellowship here in Indianapolis and worked in Client Success with Sharpen Technologies and most recently. Bret earned his Bachelors in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Finance from Butler University. He has earned certifications in Account & Project Management and Creative Problem Solving. We are excited for Bret to join the team and see what innovative ideas he will bring!

Read on for her answers to our five questions.

1. How do you start your day?

I start my day with some oatmeal, coffee, and a podcast.

2. What do you do to enrich yourself outside of work?

To enrich myself outside of work, I enjoy taking Spanish classes and playing hockey.

3. If you need inspiration, where do you draw from?

I like spaces where you can feel the hustle and bustle from those around.

4. What work-related habit or practice do you think contributes the most to your success?

In a client-facing role, it’s the little things that matter. Remembering things about your clients helps build rapport and trust. I feel that I do a good job of listening to and advocating for my clients.

5. What’s the best thing you’ve found to do when you’re stressed?

Go for a walk!

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