Authentically Parker: Our Company Culture

We take pride in our work, and believe deeply in our core values.

Watch the video above, or read below, to hear from Brian Wolff, President & CEO, and Tammy Baker, VP of Client Experience, about our company culture. Check out our videos page for more.

Baker: I think the main aspect that makes the Parker culture different is that each facet of our business has people that truly care and have taken great pride in what they do. When you see that pride in others and the pride in their work, you can’t help but be proud of the fact that you’re part of all of it.

Wolff: When we bring on a new employee to Parker, we’re really looking for someone who embodies our core values. We measure each and every candidate by those core values. But ultimately what we’re asking Parker employees to do is to sign up, to be on a championship team.

Baker: You know, we have a saying of providing elite customer service. So we try to constantly define that in everything, every email, every interaction, if you want your CSRs to be elite, then you as a leader need to be elite also.

Wolff: Championship teams in my experience love each other like brothers and sisters. And they’re not given a spot on that team by birth. They’re given a spot in that team because they’ve earned it. And that’s the type of reputation that we’re trying to drive into the market.

Baker: Our word is very important to us. If we tell you something’s going to happen, then it’s going to happen.