We Made a Splash at PIE 2019 in Chicago

We definitely made our presence known this year at PIE in Chicago. Brian kicked off the week with an entertaining and informative speech at the 1st Annual Parking Today Awards. We sponsored the Innovation Award, and took our two minutes in the spotlight to highlight the value Parker Technology brings to the industry. Watch the video below to see for yourself…

1st Annual Parking Today Awards

Brian shared a little perspective on why what we do every day matters to you. Last year, our call center took nearly 600,000 help calls. Using that data, we estimate that someone pressed the “help” button 85M times in the United States last year. To put that in context – put your hand on your chest and feel your heart….your heart will beat 43M times this year. Therefore, for every heartbeat you feel, the “help” button is being pressed twice.

Here’s the important part – only 15% of the “help” calls are due to problems with the automated equipment. Whereas a whopping 85% of those calls are because the human has failed in front of the automation – they’ve lost their ticket, can’t get the credit card to work, etc.

Thus, 85 million times last year your organizations had an opportunity to deliver or save a great customer experience. But remember, their expectation for a great experience is being shaped by Nordstroms, Amazon and the Ritz Carlton, because people don’t think, “it’s only a parking garage,” instead they’re thinking, “I’m stuck and I need a real person to help.”

Parker’s entire focus is on delivering an attentive, well-informed and helpful human when one of your customers pushes the help button.

In case you missed the Awards Breakfast, here’s our new 90-second “signature video”…

Key Takeaways

It is evident just how much our industry is growing and the influence technology and innovation have in parking and transportation. After being at PIE, it’s clear how we fit into the equation – by enhancing customer experience, increasing operational revenue and improving efficiencies.

As a team, we made valuable connections and took another step towards increasing our visibility and demonstrating value to the industry. It only gets better from here folks!

Looking forward to our remaining shows in 2019 and PIE 2020 in San Diego, CA.

A Few Snapshots…

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