Get rid of your intercom problems, increase your revenue and look good doing it.

85% of the time the “help” button gets pressed, it’s because your guest is confused. By the time they hit the “help” button, they’re already upset…and now they’re waiting for whoever is on Intercom today. Your worker gets distracted. Your guests are waiting. Tension goes up. Opinion of you goes down. And finally…You lose money. And…You lose respect. All because the person in charge of your intercom…is busy. We’re here to help.

At the Parker 24/7 Call Center, parking intercom calls are never a distraction to us. It’s all we do. And we do it…fast. We resolve 99% of parking problems in less than a minute. And we answer calls with your branded experience, according to your business rules.

We only focus on two things: successful payments and happy guests. No matter who operates the garage, the Parker 24/7 Call Center can be working for you…quickly. Maybe even tomorrow!

Plus we can do it all with face-to-face video. And here’s the best part: the Parker 24/7 Call Center is less than 55 cents an hour. That means if we collect one extra payment a day, Parker can pay for itself.

Get rid of your intercom problems. Increase your revenue. And look good doing it. Get Parker, and get paid. The Parker 24/7 Call Center. A Million Calls and Counting.

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