How CX Drives Operational Efficiency + Effectiveness

At Parker Technology, we strive to create an exceptional customer experience (CX) for your parking patrons. We also work to ensure your organization is operating efficiently and effectively. Those three aspects — customer experience, operational efficiency and effectiveness — are inextricably linked.

Customer Experience

Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience

First, what do we mean by customer experience, operational efficiency and effectiveness?

Customer experience is the sum of all your customer’s interactions with your company and their resulting impressions. For parking, that means responding to their problems and issues promptly. To do this, you must have an efficient internal process to address issues and concerns.

Your operational efficiency is how well you use your resources to minimize wasted time, effort and materials. Efficient companies are more agile and profitable.

And lastly, operational effectiveness is ensuring your organization’s work creates value for your customer. The term “operational excellence” started in the manufacturing industry, but it’s now a valuable tool for various businesses, including parking.

When you operate efficiently, your entire business is more effective. If your internal operations are efficient, you are more likely to respond to customer concerns promptly and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Here are some customer experience statistics to keep in mind:

What Sets Us Apart

Here’s how Parker Technology is leading the way in improving the customer experience for parking patrons to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness:

  • Technology: Our technology makes it easier for parking patrons to smoothly buy the right pass and park in the right place, ultimately improving CX and efficiency.
  • Data Collection: Our software allows us to collect data by reviewing detailed call notes from the Parker Platform, noting when we have spikes in customer calls, and determining which days are the slowest. This data helps garage managers determine when problems typically occur so we can authentically react when they arise. In addition, we provide daily, weekly and monthly reports for your facility so you know what is working for customers and improving efficiencies.
  • In-depth onboarding with new clients: Our onboarding process helps us understand your garage-specific rules so we can handle your calls quickly, enhance customer experience and improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Reallocate resources: When you work with us, you no longer have to take calls when parking issues arise, which allows you to become more efficient. While some of our clients previously tried to answer all their calls themselves and fell short, 99% of our calls are answered.

Driving a Better Parking Experience

At Parker Technology, our flexible software platform and professional customer service center ensure your customers have an exceptional experience. Our mission statement is at the heart of everything we do: to be the video customer experience platform of choice for the parking industry and bridge the gap between our clients and their parking guests to create a human connection when it’s needed most. The result is an outstanding customer experience to optimize your operational efficiency and effectiveness. Contact us to get started!