4 Steps for Successfully Developing Talent

Any company that hopes to continue growing can do so by prioritizing its most valuable asset: its people. At Parker Technology, our people are our power. Every employee brings a unique skillset to the table, and developing talent is paramount to the advancement of our mission.

Our goal is to create connection between our clients and their parking guests. Furthermore, encouraging excellent work amongst our employees is of utmost importance. That’s why we emphasize talent development: to continue fostering our team’s dexterity in the workplace.

1. Define Each Role

It is vital that each employee understands how they contribute to our company. To ensure your team is rooted in purpose, each employee should understand the company’s purpose and value proposition to its customers. Each employee should have a clearly defined role, establishing their responsibilities and expectations. 

One should ensure the job description aligns with the core values of the company and department. When hiring new talent, use the job description as a guidepost. Refer to the job description appropriately during reviews and one-on-one meetings. Employees can continue using their established role definition as a tool to develop purpose and set direction.

2. Create Training + Tools

Communication, training, and job aids should all highlight and keep the focus on what is needed from each role. Quizzes and group questions, for example, can be used to compare and ensure understanding. Additionally, training should guide a positive perspective on handling adversity and understanding one’s ability to decide their reactions.

3. Check-In Regularly

It’s a good idea to develop a routine for checking in with your employees. Ideally, you should keep each other on the same page. One-on-one meetings can open the door for questions and issues that may come up along the way. Consider a monthly review for each employee, as well as an annual evaluation to be filled out little-by-little throughout the year.

4. Measure + Reward Success

It takes many different people and personalities to run a village. Each contributor needs to feel the proper recognition for the value they bring. You can ensure this by rewarding what brings value to the role. Quarterly or annual scores could grant access to a productivity bonuses, and bonuses may have different levels so that each level of employee can feel appreciated and seen. 

Have a clear definition of what is important to succeed:

  • The basic building blocks for the overarching success of the business
  • What is needed from the department to reach those goals
  • How each role helps the department support the business reaching its goals

Stay Connected

At Parker Technology, we know automation has overtaken the parking industry, but we believe every business endeavor is still about the human touch. Therefore, we continually strive to be curious to create an open culture within our company and understand what our customers need so we can provide a service that fosters human interaction within the parking industry.

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