Core Value #6: Above & Beyond

At Parker Technology, we have a collection of core values that guide us. Whether we’re making a big decision about the direction of the company or small decisions about how to interact with our colleagues and clients, we turn to our core values.

Today, we’re going to explore a core value that affects every single thing we do: at Parker Technology, we always go Above and Beyond.

What Does it Mean to Go Above & Beyond?

Going above and beyond means exceeding expectations in every area of our business. We don’t believe in settling for what we have now. We believe that we should always be growing, developing, and changing.

Let’s take a look at how we go above and beyond at Parker Technology.

We’re Results-Driven

We’ve seen it plenty of times: businesses that never take the time to examine the results of their efforts to find out what’s working–and what’s not.

Being results-driven means that we constantly assess, measure, evaluate, and revise our procedures and strategies. We measure our success by a series of complex metrics that tell us what we’re doing well and where we can improve.

Our clients can expect to see the results they’re looking for because we never stop focusing on improving.

We Celebrate Successes

Did your company or institution reach a new milestone? Did one of our team members go above and beyond in surprising and delighting you? Did you find a solution that you couldn’t have done without help from Parker Technology?

Then let’s celebrate!

We don’t believe in letting the important things go unnoticed. At Parker, we celebrate with you, because your growth is worth celebrating!

We Try New Methods

Change can be scary, but we’re not afraid of trying something new.

Being results-driven means that we’re willing to adjust our practices whenever necessary. Why would we keep doing the same thing when something new may work better or improve results?

Our clients can expect us to try new things, stay on top of trends, and always know what’s coming next in the parking industry.

We Embrace Challenges

What is a challenge, if not an opportunity, to do something new?

If we’re going to be open to new things, then we’re also going to go above and beyond when it comes to responding to challenges.

Today’s businesses and organizations face countless challenges when it comes to parking services. You need expertise, flexible platforms, and exceptional customer service to help you get through these challenges. That’s where we come in.

We make sure your problems are resolved efficiently – and according to your facility’s unique business rules. We work with municipalities, universities, institutions, private operators, and healthcare organizations, each of which has its own challenges.

When it comes to facing challenges, going above and beyond means being willing to support our clients when things are difficult and helping them figure out how to get through tough times.

We Believe That Experiments Never Fail

You may have noticed that each item in this list builds on the last. Yep, that’s on purpose!

Being willing to try new things and face challenges head-on means that we experiment a lot. We don’t take unnecessary risks, but we do try new things. Going above and beyond means being willing to experiment.

Our approach to experimentation is that they are never a failure. Even if the project doesn’t go as planned, there is always something to be learned from each step along the way.

At Parker, We Put Our Values Into Practice

We don’t just pay lip service to the idea of going above and beyond. We really do care about making it happen.

We asked our COO Tammy Baker what going above and beyond means to her.

“Hearing our client base talk about their experiences with working with each of you [Parker’s call center team] truly warms my heart and makes me so proud to be part of this team.

In all honesty, Parker would not exist in the form that it is today without this core component of going above and beyond. I witnessed it for the first time on day 3 when the basement flooded and it was all hands on deck figuring out how we address the mess that was our working environment, along with making sure that our clients did not have an impact from our circumstance.

Going above and beyond also shows itself in our interactions each day. People change their plans to help cover the queue, go out of their way to include all people possible when making decisions, clean up a mess in the break room that is not theirs, take food into the Call Center on holidays when our team members are working, stop and bring coffee or snacks for others on their way into work, the list goes on and the impact is immeasurable.

When you choose to do something for someone that was not expected, was not convenient or easy, was not your ‘responsibility,’ and/or do it in a selfless manner that helps everyone around you advance; you are taking steps that lift the people around you. It brings positive energy to the environment and empowers others around you to do the same, just by setting the example of how to show you care. That is a force that no one can compete against or hinder.”


Tammy Baker

COO at Parker Technology

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At Parker, we believe that following through on our core values makes us who we are. You can trust that everyone on the Parker Team believes in going above and beyond your expectations.

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