Client Story: Our Software’s Impact on Preferred Parking

The Original Goal:

When Preferred Parking originally partnered with Parker Technology, they sought to create efficiencies and build repeatable processes in their parking management system. 

Originally, they envisioned gaining an overview of their customers’ experiences and what was happening in their garages, addressing issues and establishing a trackable system to tackle revenue loss and repeat parking offenders.

Additionally, before adopting our software solution, Preferred Parking faced the limitations of using Ring Central and Google Sheets. The result was too many missed calls, and when calls were connected, they risked being recorded incorrectly. 

At this point in time, Preferred Parking needed a data-driven solution and Parker Technology was able to help make a change.

Letting Data Tell a Story

Shortly after implementing Parker Technology’s solution, the Preferred Parking team was now able to track pertinent data and monitor the effectiveness of their customer service with metrics such as:

  • Average monthly call volume
  • Call duration
  • Average time in queue
  • Missed calls
  • Disconnected calls

Although simply utilizing our software has allowed Preferred Parking to track data in newfound ways, including reduced call durations and improved customer service, adopting our solution helped Preferred Parking in other significant ways as well.

“Parker Technology has allowed Preferred Parking to help balance call load volume, and streamline our call center process while always guaranteeing our customers and clients the prompt service they have come to rely on from Preferred Parking.”


Brant Weber

VP of Business Development, Preferred Parking

Key Software Benefits

Preferred Parking highlighted several key benefits they’ve experienced since integrating our software into their operations:

  1. Quality Assurance & Employee Performance: Our platform provides tools for efficient auditing and performance tracking. Garage managers can now monitor employee performance, ensuring a consistent and high-quality customer service experience.
  2. Correctly Recorded Calls: Before Parker Technology’s implementation, some calls were recorded incorrectly within their Ring Central system. After implementation, the ability to view call history has proven invaluable for customer service. An example shared was when a client complained about a Customer Service Representative (CSR), and Preferred Parking could easily rewatch the call recording and address the situation promptly.
  3. Automated Notifications for Garage Managers: Our solution is configured to automatically send email notifications to garage managers for any reported issues.
  4. Daily Reports for Operational Insights: The Preferred Parking Team receives daily reports to offer operational insights, enabling them to monitor the health of their garages and promptly address equipment issues.

Overall, Preferred Parking’s utilization of our solution helped improve operational effectiveness, most importantly in improved customer service through reduced call times, as well as newfound quality assurance and proactive garage notifications.

If you’d like to learn more about how our solution can transform your facility in the same way, check out our Customer Service Platform whitepaper.