Client Experience: Pennsylvania State University

Penn State is a loyal Parker Technology customer. Watch the above video to learn more about why they chose to work with us and how outsourcing intercom “help” calls to the Parker 24/7 Call Center has impacted their business operations. The voice over was done by Roy DeMayo, Director of Transportation Services at Penn State, and Ryan Givens, Associate Director of Transportation Services at Penn State. Here’s the video script if you want to follow along:

ROB: “Here at Penn State Transportation Services we manage about 22 thousand parking spaces.”

RYAN: “We needed help making improvements to ensure a better customer experience. And we wanted to go gates-down 24/7.”

ROB: “Our existing call center had consistent difficulty managing the volume. You know, people get sick, people take vacations, we needed to be able to cover those kinds of situations, and continue to operate smoothly.”

RYAN: “Parker is less expensive than what we would have paid for labor costs…they were just the right fit at the right time.”

ROB: “Now with Parker handling calls, our people have time to address issues on the deck. This helps create a better first and last impression for our guests.”

RYAN: “Plus all that added revenue allows us to keep costs down for our students and faculty.  So we’re really protecting the home team here at Penn State.”

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