Virtual Reality at Parker Technology CPTA Booth

Visit our booth at CPTA

We designed an interactive virtual reality experience where you can see and feel what your customers go through when they encounter a problem at the gate. Press the “help” button and see how our world-class parking call center quickly resolves the issue.

Our parking specialists follow your specific business rules:

• Instruct the caller
• Facilitate payment
• Raise the gate if necessary

You can expect us to:

• Answer calls in 11 seconds
• Resolve the issue in less than 1 minute
• Answer calls 24/7
• All at 52¢ an hour

Have questions? 

Scott Gould, Sr. VP

We’re here to help. Give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you may have about our 24/7 Call Center services. Call us now at (800) 923-2704 and ask for Scott.

Better yet, Schedule a Demo and see the full benefits of the Parker Video Intercom platform which can include a free quote to see how incredibly affordable our solution is to upgrade your facility.