Navigating Challenges Pt. 2: Enhancing Efficiency and CX

In the parking industry, efficiency and customer satisfaction are key.

Parking operators constantly seek innovative solutions to streamline operations, reduce staffing burdens and ensure a consistent and positive experience for their customers.This blog dives into six case studies that show how cutting-edge technologies and strategic collaborations have revolutionized parking management across various sectors, focusing on freeing up staff, implementing two-way video communication and maintaining consistency in customer service.

Freeing Up Staff

Park-Rite, a prominent parking operator in Detroit, faced staffing challenges across its numerous parking locations. With over 30 facilities under management, staffing each location adequately proved daunting.

However, by partnering with Parker Technology, Park-Rite efficiently outsourced customer service responsibilities, allowing its staff to focus on core operations.

The seamless transition resulted in improved customer service and reduced administrative burdens.

“It really has been an easy roll-out, and I’m glad I’m not worrying about having to staff a call center or deal with call center headaches…I’d recommend to any of my peers to focus on parking operations – and leave the call center challenges to Parker,” said Nick Aubrey, Managing Partner of Park-Rite.

 “As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best solution available for outsourcing parking garage calls and giving parking guests a professional response when they need help. It has certainly allowed me to focus on what I love doing most,” said Aubrey.

Similarly, Penn State University faced staffing challenges while managing parking operations across its sprawling campus. Seeking to enhance the parking experience without increasing personnel, Penn State integrated Parker Technology’s software platform.

This strategic move enabled the university to provide 24/7 customer support without increasing staffing levels, showcasing the power of technology in optimizing resources.

Bethlehem Parking Authority also struggled with overwhelming help calls, particularly during peak hours. Parker Technology emerged as a solution, alleviating staff pressure and enabling their staff to concentrate on essential tasks. Through collaboration and technology, Bethlehem Parking Authority transformed its operations, delivering efficient and responsive customer service.

“They were getting very little work done other than answering calls,” said Paul Wagner, Parking Operations Supervisor. “When our Executive Director heard about Parker Technology, he said, ‘this is going to save us time and effort and allow our second shift to focus on their job duties,’ which was huge for us. It’s been wonderful.”

Two-Way Video Solution

Park-Rite’s commitment to excellence led them to adopt FLASH’s innovative PARCS system. To complement this technology, Park-Rite also incorporated Parker Technology’s two-way video solution.

This integration not only enhanced the parking experience but also minimized the need for on-site staff, demonstrating the synergy between advanced parking solutions.

“Parker Technology’s customer service representatives always greet our customers with great attitudes and smiling faces. The advantage of partnering with Parker has been the level of customer service they provide. Parker’s customer service professionals represent our brand as if they were Park-Rite employees every time a customer enters or exits one of our parking facilities, and our customers remember and appreciate that experience,” said Aubrey. “Parker’s consistency and service is second to none. I wouldn’t want to open another automated parking garage without them.”

Similarly, Riverside Parking leveraged TIBA’s parking technology to modernize its facilities.

With Parker Technology’s two-way video solution, Riverside Parking elevated its customer service standards. Customers now benefit from face-to-face interactions with remote attendants, ensuring swift issue resolution and fostering a positive parking experience.

“The intercom just wasn’t cutting it…They have something totally different, and it works,” said John Ford, Manager for Riverside Parking, “The Parker platform provides a much improved personal interaction. Our guests see a real, live person right in front of them, right there to help,” he continued.

LexPark, the municipal parking authority in Lexington, Kentucky, embraced Parker Technology’s two-way video solution to elevate customer service. By offering personalized assistance through video communication, LexPark enhanced customer satisfaction and distinguished itself in the competitive parking landscape.

“To get to a gate and not understand how it works can be intimidating or frustrating to people. When a customer can see somebody on the screen that’s really helpful and friendly, they are able to get through something that might have otherwise been pretty stressful. Parker Technology gets it done, the gate goes up, and the customer leaves. That’s really rewarding,” said Gary Means, CAPP, former Executive Director of LEXPARK

Consistency in Customer Service

Not only did our software platform help Penn State with freeing up staff, but it also helped them achieve a consistent parking experience. The implementation ensured round-the-clock support for parkers, maintaining high service standards even during non-business hours.

Through diligent monitoring and collaboration, Penn State upheld its reputation for excellence in parking management.

“Not much changed for our customers for quite some time, meanwhile the industry evolved. We’ve experienced a significant rate of change over the last 5 years, and our customers come to expect a Penn State feel regardless of the convenience and options that we provide. That meant finding the right partners to provide 24/7 customer service that not only maintained the human element during this time, but actually enhanced it,” said Rob DeMayo, former Director of Transportation Services at Penn State.

Similarly, Bethlehem Parking Authority prioritized consistency in customer service through its partnership with Parker Technology. By adhering to strict operational scripts and leveraging Parker’s support team, they achieved seamless assistance for patrons.

This dedication to consistency bolstered trust and loyalty among parkers, further solidifying Bethlehem Parking Authority’s reputation as a parking leader.

“People can be angry. They’re in a hurry. They want to get out. They’re impatient. Maybe they’re inebriated, whatever the case may be…Every one of those where we’ve had a complaint, I’ve gone back and reviewed it personally and I have not come across one where the CSR has been rude, impatient, belligerent, or anything of that nature. They’ve always been professional, even when dealing with very angry and unpleasant people,” said Paul Wagner, Parking Operations Supervisor.

Elevating the Customer Experience

In conclusion, these case studies show how innovative technologies and strategic collaborations have revolutionized the industry. By freeing up staff, implementing two-way video and ensuring consistency in customer service, parking operators have enhanced efficiency and elevated the parking experience. As technology continues to advance, the future of parking management promises further innovations and optimizations, paving the way for seamless and satisfying parking experiences.

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