The Importance of Our Client Success Team

In the competitive landscape of modern businesses, customer experience has emerged as a crucial element that sets companies apart. At Parker Technology, our new Client Success department plays a unique role, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with operators/garage managers to deliver exceptional service to our valued clients.

Let’s explore why customer success is not just customer service on steroids, but a proactive and strategic extension of your business.

1. Client Success: A Proactive Approach

While customer service may be reactive, client success is proactive and purpose driven. Our Client Success team listens carefully to the needs of our clients, understanding that each facility operates on its own set of values and priorities. By identifying their unique needs, we can tailor our solution to meet those specific requirements, acting as an extension of their business.

2. A Trusted Advisor and Data-Driven Solutions

We take immense pride in being more than just software service providers to our clients. We want to be your trusted advisor by employing a data-driven approach to make informed decisions and drive positive changes. By leveraging valuable data, we ensure our clients’ facilities are running effectively, utilizing insights to identify potential issues and trends, making their operations smoother and more efficient.

3. Unparalleled Advocacy and Unique Offerings

What sets us apart from other companies is that we go the extra mile. Our clients get a dedicated advocate when they sign up. This advocate ensures we teach them how to pull their data and consistently monitor their satisfaction levels with how their facilities are being managed. Our approach is tailored and unique for both us and our clients.

4. Empowering Clients with Insights and Training

Clients often adopt a “set it and forget it” mentality, but we break through this by proactively reaching out and showing them the value of the data we possess. Our clients are often surprised by the depth of information we provide, enabling them to make informed decisions. Through training and guidance, we teach them how to utilize the software effectively and think more strategically about their operations.

5. Portfolio Reviews: Enhancing the Client Experience

Our Client Success team also assists our clients by performing regular portfolio reviews. Our portfolio reviews offer a comprehensive and advanced outlook on client operations. By reviewing their facility data regularly, we gain deeper insights into their call metrics, types of calls, and issue resolutions. This collaborative process allows us to establish goals, review historical data, align definitions and analyze call volumes to deliver exceptional outcomes.

6. Going the Extra Mile from Day One

Our commitment to customer success begins from the moment a facility goes live. Our team closely tracks call metrics during the initial first two weeks and then sets up regular meetings to maintain a strong partnership. For larger portfolios, we reach out proactively, ensuring that we are consistently supporting their needs.

7. Expertise Beyond Parking

At Parker Technology, we serve many customers from various verticals who may not be well-versed in parking operations. Our extensive experience in the parking industry allows us to guide them through the process, help them understand the nuances and set them up for success.

8. Driving Operational Excellence through Customer Experience

Customer success is not solely about great customer service; it extends beyond to improve overall customer experience and operational efficiency. By building strong partnerships in every aspect of our client relationships, we aim to drive positive changes and exceptional outcomes for every client.

Book a Meeting to Experience Success

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