Helping Customers in Real-Time: Why It’s Important

Focusing on customer experience is a top priority for businesses large and small across industry and service sectors. How come? In today’s world of instant gratification and digital dominance, companies that care about their customers stand out.

The customer experience begins even before people enter your facility or walk into your store. For drivers, it starts when they park. And that’s where Parker Technology comes in.

When customers in parking lots and garages press the “help” button, Parker’s mission involves handling every call personally. If a less-than-smooth transaction occurs even before patrons enter your doors (or as they’re leaving), it sours the whole experience. That’s why helping customers in real-time matters. Not convinced? Let’s look at the benefits.

Satisfaction & Gratification — Instantly!

Yes, people want what they want, and they want it now. That mentality won’t change, but it can be used to your advantage in terms of helping parking patrons. When customers encounter a confusing situation in a parking garage or lot, they don’t have time to wait for help. If they can’t get out of the lot, they’re stuck. And no one likes to be stuck.

Real-time support halts feelings of frustration and helplessness before they can bubble up. Instead of frustration, parking patrons will feel relief and even surprise! Parking problems can so easily induce panic because patrons are used to fully automated centers where human help is hard to come by. Since Parker Technology puts real virtual ambassadors in every lane, customers get help instantly.

Real-Time Feedback

Any business wants to know more about its customers, and that includes where and when things go wrong. Since parking is usually the first and last touch in the customer journey, a smooth experience translates to happier patrons who don’t get hung up simply trying to enter or exit your facility.

But when problems do arise, real-time support also means real-time feedback. You can stay on top of the exact problems or confusing situations when they occur. Even if customers provide feedback after a problem occurs, they can’t always remember details of the scenario. With real-time assistance, businesses have the added benefit of seeing and understanding problems right away. 

A Personalized Experience & The Human Touch

Finding ways to treat customers as not just numbers and statistics, but as valued patrons and individuals, is a goal for so many businesses and organizations. And when they need help, how you help them matters. Real-time support delivered by a virtual ambassador at Parker Technology puts two humans into a conversation — not a human and a bot.

Real-time support via a virtual ambassador leads to a friendly flow of dialogue. After all, it’s easy to grow more frustrated when a bot or self-help setup simply doesn’t offer or understand the problems you face and the solutions you need. Describing the issue to another person means working toward a clear solution together.

Cut to the Solution

When people have an issue, they don’t want to feel like just another customer with a problem perceived as insignificant. Since real-time support minimizes the duration of the problem thanks to a human problem solver, the solution is quickly reached, and the problem is forgotten.

While it may not be an exact science, the bigger the scope of the problem, the more relieved a parking patron will be when the solution is delivered quickly, easily and by a real person! In such cases, the solution — and how easy it was to obtain — stands out more than the problem itself.

Make Parking Problems a Thing of the Past

Parker Technology is changing the face of parking for so many industries and businesses. And that’s because parking itself is changing. Parking is becoming increasingly automated. Still, customers in U.S. parking facilities press that “help” button some 85 million times a year, according to our data.

Parking patrons want and need real-time help. With Parker Technology, that’s what we provide. We’ve helped so many industries and businesses streamline their parking facilities and have provided real support for customers.

Want to know more about what we do and how we do it? We’re happy to provide more info and answer questions. Visit our contact page, and feel free to drop us a line or send a message today!