Feedback is the key ingredient in our prize winning recipe!

We use a constant flow of information to supply our feedback loops. We take information from our team to make our environment better, from our vendors to make our supply chain better and from our clients to make our offering better. Today I would like to dive into the client feedback loop and make sure you know how important it is and what we do with the information. Firstly, we use the information to inform our product roadmap and influence our planning and offerings, which is something I’m sure you’re all accustomed to. What you may not have seen before though, is the extent to which our leadership team goes to make sure our employees are exposed to and recognized for the feedback that you provide. 

When you walk into our office and call center, you are greeted by huge signs that contain clips of quotes that our customers sent us in thank you letters and in conversations. Our employees not only know what our expectations are for service delivery, but they also see how appreciative you are when we deliver it. They know what we are capable of, what we have delivered in the past and where the bar has been set for future deliverables. 

After that, we have a constant flow of emails that go to the team. When a client sends a note after they have watched a great call or heard a great exchange while walking by the lane, we broadcast it to the company. The person that received the pat on the back from you gets it from us as a shining example that we can all appreciate. We may deliver it as an email to the team, highlighting the praise-worthy action, or with a company sponsored lunch to give the team a pat on the back for making a customer so happy. The perks that are delivered are always initiated by some kind of communication from our clients.  

There are two things I love about the messages we get from you. First, it is not always the same person that is sending or getting the praise. Every company has their “star” employee that everyone loves; we have a Call Center and Tech Support area full of them. When I open an email with “Thank You” in the subject, I never know who is going to be mentioned in the email.

Second, I cannot tell you how many times a word of encouragement has come for an employee just when they needed to hear it. It may have been an employee that was working on their smile and warm greeting, thinking it was never going to flow like they wanted. Or the employee that is dragging themselves to work because they have gone through a loss that has been very difficult to deal with. Or the service tech that has been troubleshooting and working through an issue that seemed to never end. The list goes on. No matter the issue that was hiding behind the scenes, the feedback came just in time to help lift that person up and show them their effort was worth it and their work is worthwhile.

Thank you for taking the time to let us know what we need to fix (we always work on that too) and what we are hitting out of the park. We want to keep showing you why you chose us and continue to be the most favorite check you write each month.

If you have any feedback for our leadership team or our employees, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!