Core Values: Business Impact (Part 2)

The Importance of Setting Core Values for Your Company

Implementing core values into your company’s everyday operations is critical to supporting the vision and mission of its leaders. By working a set of principles and beliefs into what you do, you can more effectively shape a healthy, inspiring, and hard-working company culture. And by boosting the mood and efficiency of the internal environment, you will naturally boost the success externally. If your employees are happy, your customers will be as well.

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Putting Core Values into Practice

As mentioned above, we put our core principles into action in several ways, every day. It doesn’t help to simply have a set of values; you must put them into practice. You can do this by:

  • Actively teaching and communicating these values with all new employees.
  • Continuing to communicate the values in ongoing development and in everyday conversations with current employees.
  • Leading by example—ensuring those in leadership positions are putting the principles into practice themselves.
  • Letting your values guide your decision making.
  • Offering words of encouragement and affirmation to those following the core values.
  • Having hard conversations / quarterly reviews with employees by measuring against or referring back to the core values and their performance, attitude, etc.

The Benefits of Having Core Values

Depending on your individual company and the values you choose to follow, there are any number of benefits that can result from implementing them into your everyday operations. Benefits that we have experienced and that are commonly seen include:

  • Helps guide your decision-making processes: You can have a team of people that have good communication skills and still suffer from a lack of cohesion and clarity. Using a core set of values to determine how you respond to things and take action can ensure everyone is on the same page and that the standard for all products and services are being met consistently.
  • Increases customer satisfaction: When your company has a clear identity, your customers know what to expect. When you use core values to guide your decisions and communication, you will consistently deliver quality service to your customers. If your customers know what to expect and continually see you meeting those standards, they will remain loyal.
  • Promotes internal growth: When a company has a clear vision with a guiding set of principles, it is evident to future potential employees. In the current job market, prospective employees don’t only think about their impression in an interview, but they want to work for a company that impresses them in return. By additionally weaving a core set of values into your hiring and onboarding processes, you are more likely to attract quality, hard-working individuals that will help your company grow.

Big Picture

At Parker, we understand the importance of quality service. Technology is great, but that personal touch is what will really drive home a positive experience. By instilling our core values into all aspects of our company culture and operations, our team understands the importance of providing honest and compassionate service to all of our customers, no matter the situation. Read Part 1 of our Core Values blog series here.

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